Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Future standards

It was revealed last week that a Professor had advised a Government body that mistakes in English grammar and spelling should not affect the marks awarded in an exam. After the immediate outcry and initial hail of derision, Thorolf decided to compose a little paragraph to see just how far the Professor was prepared to go in order to support his twisted thesis. At some future date, the following could quite become standard practice if the NWO get their way.

S'ard 2c jus ow ridiclus weel b wiv dis SA on spellin but u nevr no de prof wil c i2i wiv de ole fing n giv us top marx.
a gorjus berd got stopt by da plees ystrdy n shee askt em 4a lyte cus day wer smoken sigs in de ka. She woz sirprisd coz she fort dat de plees h8tid fags. B4 she cud say jak robnsen day wiskd er in2 da ka n arestd er 4 shopliftn. itz u agen day sed we did ya 4 dis de udder week n den tuk er darn de sells.
de morel of de tayl is not to steel n let de plees cash ya. u myte go 2 prisen if u do it reglerlee.
L8ta on shee got releest n shee vowd not 2 go bak n dat she wud b a gud gerl.

(University English Language Entry Paper taken from around the year 2015. It will be awarded a Grade 1 pass mark with a distinction because of it's dynamic content. )
So far this year, the advocates of the great, Global Warming scam have been strangely reticent in promulgating their outrageous and fanciful theories of an earth warmed up as a result of man-made, carbon emissions.
For sure, there was a whimsical attempt at a documentary which tried to instill the idea that we alone are responsible for the Earth's woes but it failed miserably. For his disastrous efforts, a certain person was eulogized by the usual cort├Ęge of fawning sycophants and was exalted to even further heights after winning a questionable Oscar from well-placed acolytes in Hollywood.
Meanwhile, to the consternation of the Great Unwashed, the Earth stubbornly carried on cooling. And it continues to do so.
Since it's the Sun - and NOT carbon-dioxide - which is the primary cause of changes in the Earth's temperatures, you will have noticed that the summers in Great Britain, apart from elsewhere, are now not so hot as they have tended to be. This is because there is a dearth of sun-spot activity and according to the latest research by William Livingston and Matthew Penn of the National Solar Observatory in Tucson, they predict that sunspots will all but vanish after 2015.
The logical conclusion to the absence of any sun-spot activity would be a return to what has been called the MAUNDER MINIMUM. This is a period in our history when the River Thames in London used to freeze over and a time when Europe and America suffered from bitterly cold winters. It lasted roughly from 1640 to 1715 when sun-spots were extremely rare and it almost became a mini ice-age. We were able to skate on rivers and ponds and, like the words in the hymn, the earth was "hard as iron". Such scenes were later depicted on Victorian Christmas cards.
I doubt whether this information will be repeated on the BBC or Murdoch's Sky News. In fact, I'm certain it won't. It doesn't suit the agenda. However, a scam is only a scam as long as it can remain hidden. When the thermometer starts falling and as the ice begins to thicken, these so-called "journalists" are going to have to crawl under the nearest rock.