Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The latest scare about rising fuel prices would be quite funny if it wasn't so tragic.
Like dependent battery-hens awaiting their next feed, the gullible and brain-washed British public feast on every word thrown at them by media outlets such as the BBC for their "information", instead of getting out into the open and pecking around for it themselves. It's a farce.
So oil is running out, is it?
Well. yes, according to the Main Stream Media.
Conversely, if you're like Thorolf and refuse to be mentally manipulated by these supercilious berks, you will come to understand that what they are telling you is utter codswallop. But oh! to live in ignorance!
OIL IS NOT RUNNING OUT. To be precise, oil reserves are increasing, not the other way round.
In 2006, Chevron announced a massive oil-find in the Gulf of Mexico which was described as "one of the nation's biggest oil discoveries in decades". In 2005, Brazil discovered new, giant offshore oil-fields which will be pumping out approximately 773 million barrels of oil by 2025. There have recently been discoveries in the Timor Sea, Yemen, Tunisia, Libya, Trinidad, Pakistan, Angola and Saskatchewan.
Earlier this year, the Kurdish area of Northern Iraq announced another oil find estimated to be around 2,000,000,000,000 barrels. BP have also announced a new major oil find close to the Shetland Islands. At the time of writing, there are currently around 680 billion barrels of reserve oil in the Middle East alone. It is a fact that in the last twenty years or so, oil reserves have actually doubled.
The whole process of this particular act of skullduggery is being orchestrated by the New World Order and is all about control and food supply. After they realised that people were producing cheaper fuel by using cooking-oil in place of diesel, what did they do? They upped the price of cooking-oil by a whopping 46% in one fell swoop, putting it on a par with the cost of diesel. Marvelous how these cretins work - if only they were not so damned predictable.
However, don't worry folks. After every motorist has been priced off the road and forced to use a bicycle, effectively reducing the specious "carbon foot-print" argument, it will not stop there. Ridiculous as it may sound, there are already plans afoot to affix registration plates to bicycles and to tax them. A bit far-fetched perhaps? Remember reality can be a lot stranger than fiction. They are already considering it for London and the excuse for it is to help cut down on bike theft. It is but a stepping stone method for extra tax. Next will come a licence, a compulsory proficiency test and mandatory insurance - all helped along by some jobsworth from the ridiculous Health And Safety Executive.
Watch this space.

In a previous blog, I was banging the drum about the rules governing the disposal of household waste in the UK. All this re-cycling nonsense is about control - effectively putting you in your mental prison. Mustn't do this - can't do that - must do the other.
It's all here under "European directive 75/442/EEC on waste disposal".
On top of all this draconian legislation comes a proposed bin-tax. Gordon Brown, the EU puppet, stated that it was not going to be introduced yet Labour would be running a few pilot schemes. It's an outright lie. What's the point in having trials if the thing is a non-starter? He is absolutely powerless to stop this daft idea as it is coming direct from Brussels; the glorious redoubt of unelected criminals who are pulling the legislative strings. Whilst Brown dillies and dances to a particular hideous tune, it's the general population who have to suffer the dirge.
Click the following link below to find out just what happens to your rubbish once it's been "re-cycled" in the designated receptacles.

Briefly, a reporter found out that Camden Council throws all your "recycled" waste together in one giant container where it is sold and shipped off to the Far East. And Camden is just one Council on the tip of a huge iceberg.
'Variable Rate Pricing based on Pay As You Throw as a Tool of Urban Waste Management'. Remember this title when the bills start rolling in and piling up. The fun really begins next year when these crooks ratify the illegal EU Treaty. You ain't seen nothing yet.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Am I alone or are there other people out there who despair at the demise of Great Britain? So much has changed over the past thirty or forty years that the life I enjoyed as a child is no longer recognizable any more. Sometimes, I think that this change has been caused deliberately. It certainly seems so when you look at what has taken place.
Discipline in schools has more or less been eradicated and results in kids being disruptive and unwilling to learn. Teachers are almost powerless to keep order and a new phrase has been invented to excuse the little darlings' bad behaviour - ADD. This is the mnemonic for ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER. Apparently, it's an illness and can only be cured by sending it's sufferers on free holidays and "adventure" trips. It's Political Correctness gone mad. In my day, a quick swish of the ruler or the threat of a good hiding off the Headmaster cured it in a flash and the problem never raised it's ugly head again. Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh but the wording is purely one of semantics but I think you get the gist.
At my grammar school in the early 1970's, there was a teacher there who put the fear of God into every pupil. I forget his actual surname but I remember that everyone referred to him by his nickname, Jack "Grinner", and he was Deputy Headmaster. A rather large man, tending toward the portly side with toussled hair and glasses - a rather imposing figure and woe betide the pupil who fell foul of Redditch County High's Jack Grinner! A summons to meet Grinner in his study was not something you would forget lightly - and it was not an episode you would wish to repeat unless you were wired up like some sort of masochistic psychopath. I only encountered Jack Grinner the once when I was punished with a detention one day on account of a miserable attempt at a History essay concerning the Babbington Plot. Jack Grinner took charge of the few after-school reprobates and bellowed at everyone and everything and me in particular and scared the living daylights out of us. I made up my mind there and then to knuckle down and, suffice to say, that was the one and only detention I ever received. Quod erat demonstrandum.
Unfortunately, there are no Jack Grinners any more. They've been put out to grass instead of out to stud, if such an analogy may be allowed.
Respect and discipline have gone out the window, thanks to Political Correctness. I would love to meet the advocators of this mumbo-jumbo and drag them off for a session with the nearest psychiatrist. In no time at all, I have no doubt that they'd be judged mentally insane and incarcerated in an asylum. This country is run by lunatics and caters for freaks and my last reserve of patience is finally running out.
I hate political correctness. These idiots are everywhere - in the schools, the universities, the Police Force, the Army, Government, the NHS, ad infinitum. You see instances of it every day and all around you. It runs in parallel with the Health and Safety Executive but is secretly bound together as one.
You can't train soldiers in boots any more. It hurts their little feet. And you can't shout at them either. That affects morale.
The police have to call criminals "Sir". There's no height restriction any more and you can join up even if you're three feet tall with buck teeth and glasses.
Council workmen now have to go on a training course to use a step-ladder and if you're an electrician working for any Government-sponsored body, you have to wear a mask if you want to snip the end off a bit of wire.
On a train, it's illegal for a single person to order more than two cups of coffee. In a hospital, you can't send the patient flowers. Apparently, the excuse is that the flowers take up the oxygen.
Huh? Come again? Flowers supply oxygen as any primary school kid will eagerly tell you. It's called photosynthesis. They may not know the equation but this is it.....

6H2O + 6CO2 ----------> C6H12O6+ 6O2

They must imagine that we are all stupid. These are just a few instances of where this country has gone stark, staring bonkers and I don't believe there will ever be a return to normality.
Only a short rant today I'm afraid. I almost forgot. I have to go off and write a letter. Not with my text-editor though - but with my portable, hand-held, black, ink inscriber.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm not really sure exactly what I'm going to write about today because I haven't got a particular subject in mind. I'll let an idea form as I go along and attempt to convert it into some sort of exhortation - not an easy thing for Thorolf to do in this mini heat-wave. At least when it's cold you can warm yourself up but when it's the other way round and you need to cool down, it becomes nigh on an impossibility for Thorolf to function comfortably.
Here's something which I find somewhat disquieting: the subject of missing people. Have you ever sat back and pondered over just how difficult it is for an adult in the UK to remain "missing"? There are literally thousands of people who are never seen again and who have simply disappeared from society's radar screens without so much as a blip. Where have they gone? And how do they manage it?
To survive, you need money. To acquire money, you need either a job or assistance from the Welfare State. To get a job, you need a National Insurance number and will attract the attentions of the tax office. Furthermore, as huge numbers of people are well aware, Social Security interrogations require all manner of details about you, almost down to your shoe size.
Last year, in the UK alone, 140,000 people went missing. Of these, about two thirds were kids between the ages of 13 and 17 and the rest were adults. The children's figures are startling enough but most of these were runaways and were generally found after a time. The remainder were adults. That's a lot of people.
With all the technology available to Governmental departments and all the databases which are now inter-linked, how do they escape notice? I mean, even booking a holiday abroad and the data is immediately passed to Scotland Yard or MI5 regarding your departure date and every other relevant detail. Nothing ever shows up for these people who remain on the missing register so they can't have left the country. Where do they go?
Live off the land? Doubtful. Unlike other countries, the UK doesn't have vast tracts of territory to hide in. Besides, there are plenty of eagle-eyed farmers or National Trust Rangers to spot that type of activity where it would be possible. However, those areas would be pretty crowded to hold thousands of people, don't you think, so where do they go?
And here's another anomaly. In a lot of cases, the vehicles which belong to these missing people are never found or traced either. Where do they go?
It's all a bit sinister and I have my own theories about the fate of these missing people. Perhaps in a later blog, I will expound on these ideas more loudly. For now, it's enough to wonder how so many people can remain invisible and at the same time survive the prying eyes of the UK state.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Apologies for the lack of writing during this last fortnight. I have been glued to the World Snooker Championships which have just finished. Only a damsel in distress can tear me away when the snooker is on but wild horses have absolutely no chance....
My computer is still on it's best behaviour since I switched to LINUX and does everything that Windows can't do - and lots more besides. I no longer have to endure the daily grind of the constant search for spy-ware and virus checking to see what detrimental effect they are both having on my Hard Disc and my Privacy. Linux doesn't suffer from the ailments which affect Microsoft, thank Heavens, and full marks to the Open Source Community who dedicate their efforts toward it's compilation.
My first introduction to Linux was met with a slight trepidation, not knowing what to expect, so I ran grub loader and dual-partitioned with the option to boot into Windows should anything go wrong. I need not have worried and the operation of disc-partitioning was so ridiculously easy that a five year-old could have done it.
A quick terminal prompt of sudo -s logged me in as root, with adduser blah blah followed by password and I was up and running. The synaptic package manager takes care of most downloads and is automatically run when needed and for anyone with a wireless connection, forget about loading discs such as Netgear. With Linux, you don't have to. It's all taken care of.
I'm really aquainted with this Ubuntu 7.10 distro and I can testify that this little O/S is dynamite! Perhaps some time soon I can write a little tutorial, couched in language which the average Joe or Jill Blogs can easily understand and help prepare them for the switch. It is so easy.
Yep. Bye-bye Mr Gates. It wasn't ever nice knowing you but I do understand you provide a lot of employment for the anti-virus geeks and a great deal of amusement for the script-kiddies and hackers.

My regards and best wishes for the future,