Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The latest scare about rising fuel prices would be quite funny if it wasn't so tragic.
Like dependent battery-hens awaiting their next feed, the gullible and brain-washed British public feast on every word thrown at them by media outlets such as the BBC for their "information", instead of getting out into the open and pecking around for it themselves. It's a farce.
So oil is running out, is it?
Well. yes, according to the Main Stream Media.
Conversely, if you're like Thorolf and refuse to be mentally manipulated by these supercilious berks, you will come to understand that what they are telling you is utter codswallop. But oh! to live in ignorance!
OIL IS NOT RUNNING OUT. To be precise, oil reserves are increasing, not the other way round.
In 2006, Chevron announced a massive oil-find in the Gulf of Mexico which was described as "one of the nation's biggest oil discoveries in decades". In 2005, Brazil discovered new, giant offshore oil-fields which will be pumping out approximately 773 million barrels of oil by 2025. There have recently been discoveries in the Timor Sea, Yemen, Tunisia, Libya, Trinidad, Pakistan, Angola and Saskatchewan.
Earlier this year, the Kurdish area of Northern Iraq announced another oil find estimated to be around 2,000,000,000,000 barrels. BP have also announced a new major oil find close to the Shetland Islands. At the time of writing, there are currently around 680 billion barrels of reserve oil in the Middle East alone. It is a fact that in the last twenty years or so, oil reserves have actually doubled.
The whole process of this particular act of skullduggery is being orchestrated by the New World Order and is all about control and food supply. After they realised that people were producing cheaper fuel by using cooking-oil in place of diesel, what did they do? They upped the price of cooking-oil by a whopping 46% in one fell swoop, putting it on a par with the cost of diesel. Marvelous how these cretins work - if only they were not so damned predictable.
However, don't worry folks. After every motorist has been priced off the road and forced to use a bicycle, effectively reducing the specious "carbon foot-print" argument, it will not stop there. Ridiculous as it may sound, there are already plans afoot to affix registration plates to bicycles and to tax them. A bit far-fetched perhaps? Remember reality can be a lot stranger than fiction. They are already considering it for London and the excuse for it is to help cut down on bike theft. It is but a stepping stone method for extra tax. Next will come a licence, a compulsory proficiency test and mandatory insurance - all helped along by some jobsworth from the ridiculous Health And Safety Executive.
Watch this space.

In a previous blog, I was banging the drum about the rules governing the disposal of household waste in the UK. All this re-cycling nonsense is about control - effectively putting you in your mental prison. Mustn't do this - can't do that - must do the other.
It's all here under "European directive 75/442/EEC on waste disposal".
On top of all this draconian legislation comes a proposed bin-tax. Gordon Brown, the EU puppet, stated that it was not going to be introduced yet Labour would be running a few pilot schemes. It's an outright lie. What's the point in having trials if the thing is a non-starter? He is absolutely powerless to stop this daft idea as it is coming direct from Brussels; the glorious redoubt of unelected criminals who are pulling the legislative strings. Whilst Brown dillies and dances to a particular hideous tune, it's the general population who have to suffer the dirge.
Click the following link below to find out just what happens to your rubbish once it's been "re-cycled" in the designated receptacles.

Briefly, a reporter found out that Camden Council throws all your "recycled" waste together in one giant container where it is sold and shipped off to the Far East. And Camden is just one Council on the tip of a huge iceberg.
'Variable Rate Pricing based on Pay As You Throw as a Tool of Urban Waste Management'. Remember this title when the bills start rolling in and piling up. The fun really begins next year when these crooks ratify the illegal EU Treaty. You ain't seen nothing yet.

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