Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who are they trying to kid?

I woke up yesterday morning amidst all the brouhaha concerning the BNP's membership list which had purportedly been revealed over the internet. Both the Main Stream Media and the BNP were saying that the list had now been removed and that the initial blogging site which had hosted the information, had been taken down. At first glance and with a few primary checks, this appeared to be the case.
However, Thorolf's suspicious mind had been aroused and so he decided to do some digging. Things are never quite what they seem whenever you scratch below certain surfaces and the reassuring statements by the leader of the BNP to assuage it's members that their identities were safe, rang an alarm bell.
My subsequent investigations proved fruitful. Within five minutes, Thorolf had possession of the information. If Thorolf can access this list, then so can anybody. It comes complete with full names and addresses, including telephone numbers and the members' places of work and in some instances, their professions. There is even an EXCEL SPREADSHEET available and a MAP showing the demography of BNP membership support.
Doesn't it just drive you crazy when people lie? All those concerned with the exposure of this information know only too well that it is still available and rely on the gullibility and naiveté of a fawning and thoroughly docile, British public who hang on to every mendacious word they are fed. Personally, I couldn't give a fig because I am not; never have been; and never will be; a BNP member. However, for those who are BNP members, I should be very concerned. In the first instance, I'd be angry at having been lied to by the Leadership. Secondly, and probably most important of all, I should be very worried about my welfare and for the safety of my family. Certain factions of the far-left are right now rubbing their hands with glee regarding this information and are probably plotting as I write this. However, for the BNP leader, Nick Griffin, to say that the list is out of date, is an abnegation of his responsibilities. It's a bit like saying that the Passenger List of a certain flight is no longer applicable because the plane's already taken off. It's pathetic Griffin.
I just feel sorry for the genuine people who've been duped and hoodwinked into voting for this fascist party. I also blame the current political establishment for creating conditions in which this evil regime is able to thrive. For those who are not quite convinced of Thorolf's words, pay a visit to and you will see what I have been writing about. There's hardly a mention of the debacle about the membership list and everything looks sweet and rosy. It's a con.
Now what was that I was saying about scratching below surfaces?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday of this week was spent designing a website for a friend who, for best reasons left to himself, seems to think it's as complicated as rocket science. It took me the best part of six hours and I used CSS rather than XHTML and linked it to an external sheet. At first, the contents of the page refused to flow correctly until I slipped Explorer into "quirks" mode which did the trick. It now looks beautifully stylish and sleek with everything in the right place and the only two things left to do is upload the files by ftp to the webhost and test the page in either Firefox or Opera - or both. I've no reason to doubt that the pages will work just as efficiently under either. They say that self-praise is no praise but I am pleased with the result. It was an undertaking I am glad to have completed.
We now learn that children's nurseries are to be fitted with finger-print scanners in order that the kids remain "safe" before being released into the care of mum or dad who come to collect them. I've never heard of such utter bullshit in all my born days.
"I can't send little Linda out, Mr Roberts, until you've given your finger-prints. I'm sorry but that's our policy."
Meanwhile, little Linda can see daddy at the door and starts to cry as dad remonstrates with the jobsworth. She knows who he is but it's "policy".
This is the road which the New World Order is forcing people to take. Officials like to pretend that there's a paedophile under every rock, just waiting to pounce on any vulnerable kid who happens to come along and then they offer us the solution to stop it happening. Not that I sympathise with anybody connected with paedophilia of course, or indeed condone it's practice, but it's like the proverbial taking of the sledgehammer to crack a nut. People will believe anything until they can learn to stop and think for themselves without listening to some pillock in a suit sat behind an autocue.

The New World Order will stop at nothing to bring about discord. It's called problem-reaction-solution.
Firstly, they create a problem. This results in cries of "Something must be done!". This is the reaction. They then offer us the "solution" which just happens to be the original objective which they wanted to bring about. If they offer us the "solution" without the problem, then their job is made impossible. Remember that these cretins can never bring about their agenda whilst there is harmony. They create the unrest in the first place. The terrible events of 911 are witness to that. It was such an obvious inside job and the aftermath results in numerous assaults on our civil liberties. It's strange how Bush and Blair lied about everything else but not that. If you research the subject for yourself and stop listening to official mouth-pieces who refuse to confront the glaring inadequacies in the story, you will see for yourself just how corrupt this nasty world is. There are more holes in the narrative than Gorganzola cheese. As an aside, I've never heard of any plane-crash which leaves no wreckage, whether the fuel tanks are full or not. Amazing, considering they managed to find a paper passport on the sidewalk which they say belonged to one of the hijackers! No engines, no bodies, no luggage - just a fire-proof passport. Fantastic! Maybe I should listen to the BBC a lot more and join the ranks of the gullible.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To Governments across the globe, the men or women who can think for themselves have always posed the bigger danger. For those who don't follow the official line regurgitated time and time again by a compliant and mendacious Main Stream Media, they are publicly designated as "nutters" or "oddballs" or libelled "cranks" with no recourse of reply.
Some while ago, I was deliberating on the idea of the passive-smoking theory, where the average Joe Bloggs has swallowed this declaration without question because he or she had heard it on the BBC. Hmm. It must be true then.
Whatever your likes or dislikes about smoking, whichever side of the fence you are on, even avid smokers agree that nicotine can cling to your clothes and furniture - even your hair - and it smells. This goes without saying.
However - passive smoking? Does it really exist? Or is this yet another form of control to scare people? I'm not saying I'm right but doesn't it strike you as just a little odd that pets don't contract these alleged lung diseases from "passive-smoking"? I've not heard of a cat or dog being ill from the effects of tobacco. What about Parrots? Or tortoises? They live to great ages - some even longer than humans.
Only a thought, you understand; it's merely that I have never heard anybody question the official line.


Here in the UK, we now learn from several sources that from next year, 2009, people wishing to purchase a mobile 'phone will have to produce identity in the form of a passport or driving-licence. Apparently, this latest big-brother development is being put in place to combat "crime" and "terrorist" activity. The truth is, this is a lot of piffle and is directed at the ignorant and the unwary. They've been tapping 'phones for years.
Thorolf has some bad news for crooks and full-time criminals anyway, because for those who don't know, the Government already have sophisticated listening stations in Great Britain, namely GCHQ in Cheltenham and Menwith Hill in Yorkshire, where the super-computers in these facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art, voice-recognition software. Any "terrorist" or criminal wishing to make a private call for any nefarious intent or subterfuge are in for a severe shock. The voice-recognition software immediately hones in and supplies data as to the caller's number and GPS position. The facility at Menwith Hill also monitors and stores every telephone conversation made in Great Britain, from pay-phone and mobile phone to private landlines. It is run exclusively by the Americans and I would advise against taking a closer look at this building. You will be arrested on the spot as certain individuals have found to their cost. There is also a special telecommunications centre in Shropshire devoted entirely to the decryption of mobile 'phone transmissions. As an aside, the A5 encryption algorithm used in the digital phone system is one of the most closely guarded secrets in Europe. It would take a thousand computers working in unison at least two years to break the cipher.
The supply of identity in order to buy a mobile 'phone simply makes the Government's job a lot easier when trying to keep tabs on millions of individuals. To clarify matters, I don't think it's a question of the 'phone, but that of the SIM card. Furthermore, I would go so far as to suggest that the 'phone system will be changed so as not to allow an alternative SIM to work in any individual 'phone until it is registered. That can be easily accomplished with the referencing of the IMEI number of the original handset when contact is made with the masts. No doubt this technology is already in place because otherwise criminals of any description could merely steal someone else's 'phone. If you don't think that the advisors to the Government haven't already thought about this possibility, then think again. No legislation is ever enacted without the proper safe-guards firmly in place.
An announcement was recently made that the authorities now have carte-blanche to keep a record of our emails under the guise of fighting "terror". This is yet more bullshit and it really makes me livid when the majority of usually sane people accept this lame excuse without so much as a moment's pause for thought. In 1998. MI5 built a special complex in London at a cost of £25,000,000 for the sole purpose of intercepting e-mail communication. This was a full three years before 911 in New York and long before the war on "terror" actually surfaced. There is an agenda here and it is staring everybody in the face. To the skeptics, perhaps we should bulldoze the wood so that you can actually see the bloody trees.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The audacity and the sheer effrontery of the New World Order is dazzling. With an obsequious, ever attendant main stream media as it's primary tool for illogical and completely warped propaganda, we learn recently that man-made, carbon, emissions are not only responsible for Global Warming but also - wait for it - Global Cooling!
The cabal who dreamed up this Global Warming tax scam had not allowed for the intervention of a FORCE MAJEURE - namely, the SUN. As I have stated categorically in previous blogs, it is the sun which dictates the temperatures on Earth, and, for that matter, the temperatures on every other planet within our solar system.
Now, because sun-spot activity is at an all-time low and the Earth is inexorably cooling down, we are to be bombarded with numerous explanations for a new phenomenon called "Global Cooling" - all the fault of each and every one of us for leaving behind our "carbon footprints". This is a complete VOLTE-FACE by the New World Order as they trundle out Government-sponsored cretins to support their twisted theories, meanwhile ignoring the main body of highly qualified scientists who refute these ridiculous ideas. Talk about moving the goal-posts! They've not only been moved but they're actually spinning in mid-air looking for the next safe spot.
From the Antipodes, The Sydney Morning Herald carries this latest report:
The coldest winter for sixty years has just been experienced in Australia and the freezing temperatures are proof of the urgent need to cut carbon pollution, according to WWF development and sustainability program manager Paul Toni.
"We can expect more extremes in climate," Mr Toni said.
Mr Toni said if action was not taken, more volatile weather would be on the radar.

So there you have it. No mention of the real cause; the sun. There's not even a suggestion of it. Wake up Mr Toni. The fraudsters in control just love gullible people like you.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Future standards

It was revealed last week that a Professor had advised a Government body that mistakes in English grammar and spelling should not affect the marks awarded in an exam. After the immediate outcry and initial hail of derision, Thorolf decided to compose a little paragraph to see just how far the Professor was prepared to go in order to support his twisted thesis. At some future date, the following could quite become standard practice if the NWO get their way.

S'ard 2c jus ow ridiclus weel b wiv dis SA on spellin but u nevr no de prof wil c i2i wiv de ole fing n giv us top marx.
a gorjus berd got stopt by da plees ystrdy n shee askt em 4a lyte cus day wer smoken sigs in de ka. She woz sirprisd coz she fort dat de plees h8tid fags. B4 she cud say jak robnsen day wiskd er in2 da ka n arestd er 4 shopliftn. itz u agen day sed we did ya 4 dis de udder week n den tuk er darn de sells.
de morel of de tayl is not to steel n let de plees cash ya. u myte go 2 prisen if u do it reglerlee.
L8ta on shee got releest n shee vowd not 2 go bak n dat she wud b a gud gerl.

(University English Language Entry Paper taken from around the year 2015. It will be awarded a Grade 1 pass mark with a distinction because of it's dynamic content. )