Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who are they trying to kid?

I woke up yesterday morning amidst all the brouhaha concerning the BNP's membership list which had purportedly been revealed over the internet. Both the Main Stream Media and the BNP were saying that the list had now been removed and that the initial blogging site which had hosted the information, had been taken down. At first glance and with a few primary checks, this appeared to be the case.
However, Thorolf's suspicious mind had been aroused and so he decided to do some digging. Things are never quite what they seem whenever you scratch below certain surfaces and the reassuring statements by the leader of the BNP to assuage it's members that their identities were safe, rang an alarm bell.
My subsequent investigations proved fruitful. Within five minutes, Thorolf had possession of the information. If Thorolf can access this list, then so can anybody. It comes complete with full names and addresses, including telephone numbers and the members' places of work and in some instances, their professions. There is even an EXCEL SPREADSHEET available and a MAP showing the demography of BNP membership support.
Doesn't it just drive you crazy when people lie? All those concerned with the exposure of this information know only too well that it is still available and rely on the gullibility and naiveté of a fawning and thoroughly docile, British public who hang on to every mendacious word they are fed. Personally, I couldn't give a fig because I am not; never have been; and never will be; a BNP member. However, for those who are BNP members, I should be very concerned. In the first instance, I'd be angry at having been lied to by the Leadership. Secondly, and probably most important of all, I should be very worried about my welfare and for the safety of my family. Certain factions of the far-left are right now rubbing their hands with glee regarding this information and are probably plotting as I write this. However, for the BNP leader, Nick Griffin, to say that the list is out of date, is an abnegation of his responsibilities. It's a bit like saying that the Passenger List of a certain flight is no longer applicable because the plane's already taken off. It's pathetic Griffin.
I just feel sorry for the genuine people who've been duped and hoodwinked into voting for this fascist party. I also blame the current political establishment for creating conditions in which this evil regime is able to thrive. For those who are not quite convinced of Thorolf's words, pay a visit to and you will see what I have been writing about. There's hardly a mention of the debacle about the membership list and everything looks sweet and rosy. It's a con.
Now what was that I was saying about scratching below surfaces?