Thursday, April 24, 2008

They say that travel broadens the mind. In my case, especially during these latter years, it's actually helped to do the opposite. It's narrowed it.
I've been held up with a gun; strip-searched by an over-zealous, German copper; THREATENED with a strip-search by a female, Norwegian Immigration Officer; attacked by a bottle-wielding thug in down town Hamburg and even locked up for six hours by the French Gendarmerie for alleged gun-running. Thorolf's encountered the bloody lot.
Apart from the broadening - or the narrowing - of one's mind, incidents like the ones above certainly tend to deter one from travelling. Let it be known that Thorolf is NOT a criminal or ever has been any kind of gun-runner. I don't take drugs and I don't smuggle booze. Hell, Thorolf doesn't even drink! A pretty boring sort of guy I suppose.
And yet, my travels have brought me into contact with some of the nicest people in the world - and some of the nastiest ones too.
Take the thug who tried to wound me with a bottle in Hamburg. His attack was a fairly weak attempt compared to English standards and Thorolf soon had the situation under control. The last view I remember was of him clutching his nose and mouth after I had kneed him in the face.
One of the nicest folks I ever met lived just outside Gothenburg, Sweden. Strangely enough, he wasn't a swede but an Arab. He was an immigrant from Iraq who was struggling to make a living from his little shop. His poor wife and little girl were ill upstairs unable to get out of bed whilst his assistant had been fired for stealing off him. During a deep conversation, his eyes welled up with tears as he told me of his troubles and the awful events which had befallen him, yet he still found time to help me in my hour of need.
The whole point to these stories is this: There are good and bad apples in every barrel and that by picking out a particular one, it should not cloud one's judgement upon the rest. It is an easy trap to fall into and maybe Thorolf has been guilty of it more than most during the past and sweeping statements about certain races, especially after a nasty incident, can only feed the appetite of Nazi sympathisers and extremists.
Am I being naive or did we fight and win a war against that sort of thing?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've lost count of the number of times I've heard people say the most ridiculous of things.
One of my favourites concerned the stealth abilities of a British nuclear submarine. Quote: "It has never been detected by any hostile foreign force." Unquote.
Indeed. I suppose if it had been detected, it would have made front page headlines in PRAVDA but to my knowledge none were ever published so I suppose it must be true.
With an exponential growth in the World's population and an ever decreasing supply of resources, especially water, I presume that when they discover the cure for cancer, they will announce it to the world's waiting billions and we will all be able to live longer, producing even more off-spring. Isn't it fabulous to live in ignorance and wonderment? I wish that I could wallow in self-delusion too but my mind won't let me. It's a constant whirlpool of rationale and inquisitiveness which one day is going to get me into a lot of trouble, except I don't really care any more. Meanwhile, "they" can try to keep me mentally subdued by putting additives in the foodstuffs and fluoride in the water. Has anyone ever asked what benefit fluoride is to the majority of people who have GOOD teeth?
Whilst on the subject of fluoride, did you know that fluoride was developed by the Nazis for use in the Concentration Camps? It was given to the inmates as a pacifier. A form of Valium I suppose. Remember this when they offer to fluoridate the water supply. It's a poison. In 1998, a fluoride study published in Brain Research reported damage to rat kidneys and brains at very low doses. Rats were given 1 ppm fluoride in doubly distilled and de-ionized water for 52 weeks. In other words they were given the same levels as we get in fluoridated water, albeit without the other ions present in tap water. One group of rats was given aluminum-fluoride (AlF3) and another, sodium fluoride (NaF). In both cases amyloid deposits were found in the rat brains. Amyloid deposits are tangles in the brain and are associated with Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia.
Don't just take Thorolf's word on this. The link below will contain more information than I could ever provide. It's serious stuff. I'll go further. It's deadly.

There are those who will ask the question "Why would they want to do this?".
Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple. My suggestion is a google for "New world order". It's a very complex minefield and you have to seperate the wheat from the chaff. Failure to do so and you will be played like a fiddle. Mis-direction, dis-information and outright lies litter it's stony path. However, if you use your own judgement and ask your own questions, you will see which direction Thorolf is coming from.

It's almost May and our gorgeous PRUNUS CERASUS, the garden cherry-tree, will be in full bloom in a week's time and is a sight to behold with it's fluffed up pink and white blossom. The pinkish tints remind me of whisps of candy-floss on a stick; the white ones like buds of cotton wool billowing in a breeze. One cannot beat the colours and varieties of fauna in an English country garden - an inspiration to poets and romantics down the centuries.
This is all a bit of a paradox though for Thorolf. He hates gardening!

Friday, April 18, 2008

There is a saying amongst the Scandinavian people and it goes something like this: "Swedes are quiet, Danes are noisy but the Norwegians are just right." No doubt the phrase will be made to disappear when the politically-correct loonies have their way but a nation's characteristics cannot be expunged at the drop of a hat. In general, Swedes are quieter than their immediate neighbours and the Danes do happen to be somewhat noisier. The bit about Norwegians being "just right" is open to debate. Alas, I found the majority of the younger generation extremely stuck-up.
It's strange comparing the attitudes of today from those of yesteryear. No longer is an Englishman's word his bond. At first sight on foreign soil, an Englishman arouses scorn and a contempt in his host; he is an invasive figure to be avoided at all costs and treated like a nasty object which has become stuck to someone's shoe. The English as a nation are derided and exist solely to be poked fun at.
Perhaps by some bizarre twist of Fate I had run into the wrong people but during an unforgettable train journey through the north of Sweden, such mockery of all things English caused an anger in me which was extremely hard to control. It's 3rd November 1999, and the positively, unfriendly banter is making fun of Winston Churchill, mocking the British Army's efforts during the last World War and lauding the Germans. To cap it all, they're laughing at the loss of British Servicemen during the Norwegian campaign of 1940 and the Falklands of 1982.
Thorolf clenches his fists, constantly reminding himself of "When in Rome...." and weighs up the harsh reality of arrest should he decide to attack. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Make no mistake, Thorolf is at the height of his physical prowess and can lay these cretins all out flat without even breaking into a sweat but he controls himself. Just.
Discretion rules the day and valour has to take a back seat. The thought of languishing in a foreign jail and then being deported does not contribute to an instilled sense of decorum and an inherent self-discipline.
As I get older and come to realise that respect is no longer an attribute nurtured and admired in today's modern world, I cannot truthfully affirm whether I would react in the same way now, given an identical set of circumstances.
Sweden - be thankful for a proper English upbringing. Your most northerly hospital could have been very busy that day.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Global Warming scam

Perhaps I'm losing my marbles but not long ago, exhaust emissions from diesel and petrol engines were always associated with the highly, toxic, carbon-monoxide. Today, as if by magic, we are informed that these self, same emissions are composed of carbon-dioxide. How come? Have I missed something here? Thorolf doesn't profess to be an expert on all things meteorological but when a little common-sense is applied to the matter of Global Warming, the lies are exposed for what they are. Just a little research over the internet will reveal most of the information one needs and the missing parts of the jigsaw puzzle can be snugly pieced together using your own discernment and logic. Still, perhaps you are satisfied with being told what to think by some robotic "news-reader", in which case this particular blog will not be for you.
I haven't got the time or the space to give you all the links to the issues I refer to, but be assured I aim to be accurate enough as is humanly possible. Everything I mention in the following discourse is available for verification. Just 'google' for it if you doubt my word. Ready? Here we go.....

Fact: polar-bear population c.1950 = 5.000.
Fact: polar-bear population c.2007 = 25,000.
And I thought they were heading for extinction! How silly of me.
The newsreels continue to film great sheets of melting ice. The Arctic ice does melt during the summer months but restores itself quickly again during the winter. It's a natural cycle but the event is twisted to meet the alarmists agenda. They film it in the summer and show you it during the winter.
The Earth has been steadily cooling since 1998. China, the USA and other places have just had the coldest winter on record - and the heaviest snowfalls. Temperatures are dictated by the sun. If you look at the graphs showing sun-spot activity, you will notice that they correlate with present weather patterns.
When the Romans arrived, Britain was hot enough to grow the vines they needed for wine making. Hence the name 'Vine Street' in London. The warmth continued until well after the Viking invasions and then cooled again during the Middle Ages. Apart from the effects of sun-spot activity, the Earth too has a natural cycle which it must go through.
A famous norwegian explorer, Fritjof Nansen, who regularly skied from Bergen to Oslo, complained in 1884 that his annual journey was becoming increasingly impossible due to the lack of snow in former places where it used to be plentiful.
Professor David Bellamy called this carbon-dioxide-induced Global Warming theory "absolute poppycock". You'll no longer see him on the BBC. He pressed the career-destruct button by voicing the truth and joined a host of other unfortunates and lost his job.
Just over a fortnight ago, nineteen thousand of the world's top scientists signed an appeal to the United Nations to reconsider the whole subject of Global Warming. It fell on deaf ears and has been suitably ignored - and not so much as a peep from the mainstream media.
When summer 2008 finally arrives and we experience a hot day, count how many times "Global Warming" is mentioned. When it rains, the semantics are swapped for "Climate Change".
The whole subject is a gigantic scam, created solely for control of a brain-washed population whilst providing huge revenues by way of fines and 'justified' taxes.
The advent of this penal nightmare started with the re-cycling business. Have you noticed how draconian the waste issues have become? It has all been carefully designed to extort money from us. Rubbish-bin collections were suddenly fortnightly, creating havoc. It now transpires that if the lid to the bin will not shut, the collectors have orders not to empty it. In that case, don't you think we should ask for our money back? After all, we are paying for a service.
For the benefit of those who are unaware of developments, your tin-cans are about to be micro-chipped. In future, casual or careless disposal of the "wrong" rubbish into the incorrect bin will sound an alarm on the refuse collector's lorry. The bin will not be emptied and you will be liable for a fine of a thousand pounds.
And this is just the beginning. After this hideous EU treaty is finally ratified in January 2009, and conveniently denied a referendum on it by the people, the fun and games will really gather momentum. And vigorously pursued in the name of their best friend - 'Global Warming'. If I'm wrong about all of this, then the men in white coats can reach me at the registered IP Address.

I have provided a couple of links below. How you interpret the information is your own decision. I've already made mine.



When I joined the Army in October 1977, I swore and signed an oath of allegiance to the Crown. That oath is as valid now as it was then.
Which is why I will support the Crown over any Government - even if that Government is elected fairly by the majority of the country. The Crown is the status quo - the hull of the ship which keeps this country on an even keel. There are lots of ignorant people around who confuse this important point with the personalities who constitute the lineage of the Royal Family. It's a similar thing to the saluting of a superior officer. You're not saluting the man: you're saluting the uniform. Our present Queen Elizabeth is the figure-head of the oldest democracy in the world and I will support her until the day I die. However, I also believe that there have been nefarious moves behind the scenes to undermine her influence on current events. After this absurd EU treaty has been ratified, I'm afraid her power over the nation will become null and void. It will be the end of Great Britain - and especially England - as we presently know it. What price these traitors?
Simple. The end of a very thick rope.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Settling down to watch ITV 4 the other night, I was just getting into all the adverts when a blasted program started! However, my disappointment didn't last too long because six minutes later they were back on again.
Seriously though, these constant commercial-breaks are so infuriating. I know the Independent companies have to advertise to stay alive but these incessant interruptions are based purely on greed. I read a report somewhere that said ITV were losing revenue from their advertisers. Well there's a surprise! People are getting sick and tired of this endless barrage and are turning off in droves. I counted the number of adverts during an episode of Coronation Street one night and was shocked to discover that the actual content of the half-hour program lasted a mere nineteen minutes! How about that for performance? Incredible. Still, maybe I shouldn't complain too much as I rarely watch TV anyway. The nonsense spewed out by these namby-pamby, limp-wristed program makers of today is a fitting tribute to the world in which we live. Cheap, nondescript and less-than-mediocre.

Did you read about the Metropolitan Police having to be micro-chipped? A thinly-veiled excuse of "We have to know where our officers are at all times so this is a safety issue." Next will come the armed-forces. Then it will be our turn. Don't say that Thorolf didn't warn you. Remember - it's not what the chip gives out. It's about the signals which the chip can receive. More about this in a future blog.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The follies of youth.

Sometimes, when I think back, I cannot understand how unbelievably stupid I used to be. Take the time when I was fourteen and ran away from home in Cornwall. The object of this particular exercise was to make my way to the docks at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Once there, I was to dodge Customs and Passport Control by shimmying up one of the ropes to the norwegian liner which was berthed there and stow away inside one of the lifeboats. My norwegian friends had arranged for me to hide in their summer-house and look after me as soon as I had landed in Norway. At that tender age, the naivety of youth was apt to take prime position in the overall scheme of things and I remember thinking that this adventure would be a purely perfunctory one at best. The word 'danger' never crossed my mind, although I do confess to having had the butterflies, especially when nightfall came.
My mother must have been out of her mind with worry. I went missing for three days, surviving on two cornish pasties and the odd cup of coffee, only to be subsequently gripped at Collumpton in Devon by one of Her Majesty's dutiful policemen. (Collumpton was to play another major part in my life two years later - almost to the exact date)
I absconded from home another three times after that before I resigned myself to the inevitable. The wake-up call came abruptly during a Juvenile Court Hearing in October 1973, where my verbal dexterity just managed to save me from a long period in a care-home. It was a lesson I never forgot.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Regular readers will have noticed that the writing-style in my previous blog entries has appeared to be somewhat 'stilted'. This can happen when the free flow of mental energy becomes blocked, resulting in a dampened and flattish tone to the piece. A writer needs a clear channel in order to express wholesome opinions and ideas; without one, that same writer is simply wasting time and effort, boring his readers and undermining his own confidence in the process. Profound apologies!
Today is the time for change. A unique flash of exploratory, psychological, self-analysis has produced a re-invigorated Thorolf - revitalising a freshness not seen in years! To paraphrase - I've blown away the cob-webs and cleared out the attic. Not only has most of the negativity been confined to the re-cycle bin; it's actually been emptied too. To be sure, there certainly remain a few secret folders I would like to keep but for the moment they are of secondary concern.
Struggling to expound and promulgate the world's ills and mis-deeds is too much for one individual to undertake, especially when the information falls on deaf ears. Would that any of it bear fruit, in that the knowledge passed on be of some benefit, it may have been worth the sacrifice. Under the circumstances, sanity has prevailed and there will be no more casting pearls to swine!
In a paragraph - I don't care any more! I couldn't give a hoot whether Bush, Brown and Blair are war-criminals. I don't give a toss about schoolchildren being 'dumbed down'; whether Princess Diana was really murdered; that the World is run by a few corrupt Elite who envisage a micro-chipped population. Neither do I care about the illegal activities of the EU destroying the fabric of our once great country; nor the inexorable slide toward the islamification of Gt Britain.
No, Sir, let others rouse from their own slumber and do their own worrying. By the time Tyranny arrives - and rest assured, it is coming - Thorolf will be long gone.

In Second Year physics at Grammar school, we were taught about the Van Allen belts - the massive ring of intense radiation which surrounds the Earth between us and the moon. We were informed that any living thing having to pass through this would be fried to a crisp.
Question: Is it really possible, using 1969 technology, to circumvent this phenomenon and land on the moon without being incinerated? I have always wondered about this enigma, yet no-one ever mentions it.
Where is Patrick Moore when you need him?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

When an event occurs that has a direct impact on your way of life and is completely alien to all you have believed in, the consequences are truly disturbing. It turns your whole being inside out and upside down and is extremely difficult to deal with. My once, coherent and flexible thought-processes have been seriously impeded by a succession of after-shocks and their rumblings are still ever present. Don't misunderstand me - I was never on the short list for 'Brain Of Britain'; neither have I considered myself intellectually superior to anybody else - but my mind used to be lightning-fast and I could find a solution before most people had had the time to digest the problem. All that has gone. It's as if my very soul has been forcibly removed and just stuffed back in again willy-nilly. Instead of clarity, there's now an invisible shield in it's place which blocks all the radar echoes. Oh it pings but I can't see where the returns are coming from.
The final straw was yesterday when I challenged the computer to a game of chess. Now I used to beat this thing regularly. It wasn't easy but somehow I used to manage it without the penalty of involuntary hair-loss.
Will somebody please pass me a wig? Any style will do.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Not really achieved anything this week apart from mess myself up! Or rather, WINDOWS has messed me up and I could have strangled that Bill Gates last night! I was trying to re-instal the software for my wireless internet connection when it froze halfway through. After several attempts, it transpired that Gates was not exactly flavour of the month and several scenarios of revenge ran around my head like loose confetti in a breeze. No matter what I tried, the machine was not taking the installation as it should. I de-fragged, ran CHKDSK, tried to instal the software yet again but it was having none of it. I nearly went bald in frustration.
Then it hit me like a thunderbolt! Why struggle with a clapped out engine when you can have a brand new one fitted for free?
And that's what I've done folks. I've got a different operating system on my computer and it's called LINUX! I loaded it today.
Windows? More like WIN-DOZE compared to Linux. It won't take me long to navigate my way around this O/S and the graphics are out of this world. It's wonderful! The Gods have smiled upon me after all!
Bill Gates? Well he can go and shove his spyware-riddled, Windows, system up his own jacksy for all I care. From now on, it's LINUX for me.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thought for the day

An Australian decides to dig straight down with his shovel to reach Gt Britain. Assuming he could cope with removing the dirt and go on digging for approximately 8,000 miles straight through the Earth's molten core, then by the time he reached the surface of somewhere in Great Britain, would he still be digging 'down' - or 'up'?

A look into the future

Hands up, all those in favour of ID cards. I mean - after all - they're only going to be forced on us to help counteract identity theft and keep us 'safe', right?
Wrong. The question of identity is not the primary, moving factor behind them. It's all about control and the move towards a cashless society. How many people realise that these cards are going to be fitted with an RFID chip? That's Radio Frequency Identification Data for those who don't already know. Just like the little chip in your mobile-phone, it will be able to track your whereabouts and movements at any given part of the day. Scary, huh? Oh but don't worry folks, if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear. Hmm. I wonder where I've heard that one before? The brainless morons who spout this tired old phrase need to take a good look in the mirror and honestly ask themselves whether they really do have a mind of their own. All this stuff that Thorolf is talking about can't possibly be true otherwise we would have read it in The Sun or The Mirror. The newspapers would never lie or withhold the truth.
Hmmph! That's why Editors get knighthoods and 'journalists' no longer have the power to 'investigate'. We seem to be under the illusion that we live in some sort of wonderful democracy where our voices are heard and then acted upon. It's absolute piffle. However, I digress. Lets get back to the cards.
When your allotted time is called for you to receive this card, you will be ordered to the nearest interrogation centre where fingerprints, your DNA and biometric details will be taken. For more information on this, just in case you think I'm making it up, visit . Once at the interrogation centre, you will be grilled for approximately thirty minutes, wait whilst your card is being processed and then asked to hand over x amount of pounds for your 'gift'. At the last estimate, it was roughly £60, but this fluctuates according to whose figures you read.
I said at the beginning of this blog that it wasn't the subject of identity which was the primary mover behind this outrageous idea. That supposition is correct - it's all to do with hard cash. Or the lack of it. What better way of subjugating people than to control their finances? Think about it. A world without cash. I can think immediately of a few reasons why I depend on cash. And before you point an accusing finger - no, I have nothing to hide! It will take a while but gradually you will begin to notice that cash-dispensers will start to "run out" of money, especially at Christmas time when most of us rely on it, resulting in transactions made with your "ID" card. I read somewhere that the CEO of Tesco plc said he ideally wished for no cash to be exchanged on Tesco premises and the supermarket is at the forefront in pushing for ID cards. That's one of the reasons why I will not shop there. It's arrogance beyond belief. Ultimately, it will become impossible to buy anything unless you have your card. That's probably why they say they will NOT be compulsory. Yes, we will certainly have a choice: get one or starve!