Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A look into the future

Hands up, all those in favour of ID cards. I mean - after all - they're only going to be forced on us to help counteract identity theft and keep us 'safe', right?
Wrong. The question of identity is not the primary, moving factor behind them. It's all about control and the move towards a cashless society. How many people realise that these cards are going to be fitted with an RFID chip? That's Radio Frequency Identification Data for those who don't already know. Just like the little chip in your mobile-phone, it will be able to track your whereabouts and movements at any given part of the day. Scary, huh? Oh but don't worry folks, if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear. Hmm. I wonder where I've heard that one before? The brainless morons who spout this tired old phrase need to take a good look in the mirror and honestly ask themselves whether they really do have a mind of their own. All this stuff that Thorolf is talking about can't possibly be true otherwise we would have read it in The Sun or The Mirror. The newspapers would never lie or withhold the truth.
Hmmph! That's why Editors get knighthoods and 'journalists' no longer have the power to 'investigate'. We seem to be under the illusion that we live in some sort of wonderful democracy where our voices are heard and then acted upon. It's absolute piffle. However, I digress. Lets get back to the cards.
When your allotted time is called for you to receive this card, you will be ordered to the nearest interrogation centre where fingerprints, your DNA and biometric details will be taken. For more information on this, just in case you think I'm making it up, visit . Once at the interrogation centre, you will be grilled for approximately thirty minutes, wait whilst your card is being processed and then asked to hand over x amount of pounds for your 'gift'. At the last estimate, it was roughly £60, but this fluctuates according to whose figures you read.
I said at the beginning of this blog that it wasn't the subject of identity which was the primary mover behind this outrageous idea. That supposition is correct - it's all to do with hard cash. Or the lack of it. What better way of subjugating people than to control their finances? Think about it. A world without cash. I can think immediately of a few reasons why I depend on cash. And before you point an accusing finger - no, I have nothing to hide! It will take a while but gradually you will begin to notice that cash-dispensers will start to "run out" of money, especially at Christmas time when most of us rely on it, resulting in transactions made with your "ID" card. I read somewhere that the CEO of Tesco plc said he ideally wished for no cash to be exchanged on Tesco premises and the supermarket is at the forefront in pushing for ID cards. That's one of the reasons why I will not shop there. It's arrogance beyond belief. Ultimately, it will become impossible to buy anything unless you have your card. That's probably why they say they will NOT be compulsory. Yes, we will certainly have a choice: get one or starve!

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