Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've lost count of the number of times I've heard people say the most ridiculous of things.
One of my favourites concerned the stealth abilities of a British nuclear submarine. Quote: "It has never been detected by any hostile foreign force." Unquote.
Indeed. I suppose if it had been detected, it would have made front page headlines in PRAVDA but to my knowledge none were ever published so I suppose it must be true.
With an exponential growth in the World's population and an ever decreasing supply of resources, especially water, I presume that when they discover the cure for cancer, they will announce it to the world's waiting billions and we will all be able to live longer, producing even more off-spring. Isn't it fabulous to live in ignorance and wonderment? I wish that I could wallow in self-delusion too but my mind won't let me. It's a constant whirlpool of rationale and inquisitiveness which one day is going to get me into a lot of trouble, except I don't really care any more. Meanwhile, "they" can try to keep me mentally subdued by putting additives in the foodstuffs and fluoride in the water. Has anyone ever asked what benefit fluoride is to the majority of people who have GOOD teeth?
Whilst on the subject of fluoride, did you know that fluoride was developed by the Nazis for use in the Concentration Camps? It was given to the inmates as a pacifier. A form of Valium I suppose. Remember this when they offer to fluoridate the water supply. It's a poison. In 1998, a fluoride study published in Brain Research reported damage to rat kidneys and brains at very low doses. Rats were given 1 ppm fluoride in doubly distilled and de-ionized water for 52 weeks. In other words they were given the same levels as we get in fluoridated water, albeit without the other ions present in tap water. One group of rats was given aluminum-fluoride (AlF3) and another, sodium fluoride (NaF). In both cases amyloid deposits were found in the rat brains. Amyloid deposits are tangles in the brain and are associated with Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia.
Don't just take Thorolf's word on this. The link below will contain more information than I could ever provide. It's serious stuff. I'll go further. It's deadly.

There are those who will ask the question "Why would they want to do this?".
Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple. My suggestion is a google for "New world order". It's a very complex minefield and you have to seperate the wheat from the chaff. Failure to do so and you will be played like a fiddle. Mis-direction, dis-information and outright lies litter it's stony path. However, if you use your own judgement and ask your own questions, you will see which direction Thorolf is coming from.

It's almost May and our gorgeous PRUNUS CERASUS, the garden cherry-tree, will be in full bloom in a week's time and is a sight to behold with it's fluffed up pink and white blossom. The pinkish tints remind me of whisps of candy-floss on a stick; the white ones like buds of cotton wool billowing in a breeze. One cannot beat the colours and varieties of fauna in an English country garden - an inspiration to poets and romantics down the centuries.
This is all a bit of a paradox though for Thorolf. He hates gardening!

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