Thursday, April 3, 2008


Not really achieved anything this week apart from mess myself up! Or rather, WINDOWS has messed me up and I could have strangled that Bill Gates last night! I was trying to re-instal the software for my wireless internet connection when it froze halfway through. After several attempts, it transpired that Gates was not exactly flavour of the month and several scenarios of revenge ran around my head like loose confetti in a breeze. No matter what I tried, the machine was not taking the installation as it should. I de-fragged, ran CHKDSK, tried to instal the software yet again but it was having none of it. I nearly went bald in frustration.
Then it hit me like a thunderbolt! Why struggle with a clapped out engine when you can have a brand new one fitted for free?
And that's what I've done folks. I've got a different operating system on my computer and it's called LINUX! I loaded it today.
Windows? More like WIN-DOZE compared to Linux. It won't take me long to navigate my way around this O/S and the graphics are out of this world. It's wonderful! The Gods have smiled upon me after all!
Bill Gates? Well he can go and shove his spyware-riddled, Windows, system up his own jacksy for all I care. From now on, it's LINUX for me.

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