Monday, April 14, 2008


Settling down to watch ITV 4 the other night, I was just getting into all the adverts when a blasted program started! However, my disappointment didn't last too long because six minutes later they were back on again.
Seriously though, these constant commercial-breaks are so infuriating. I know the Independent companies have to advertise to stay alive but these incessant interruptions are based purely on greed. I read a report somewhere that said ITV were losing revenue from their advertisers. Well there's a surprise! People are getting sick and tired of this endless barrage and are turning off in droves. I counted the number of adverts during an episode of Coronation Street one night and was shocked to discover that the actual content of the half-hour program lasted a mere nineteen minutes! How about that for performance? Incredible. Still, maybe I shouldn't complain too much as I rarely watch TV anyway. The nonsense spewed out by these namby-pamby, limp-wristed program makers of today is a fitting tribute to the world in which we live. Cheap, nondescript and less-than-mediocre.

Did you read about the Metropolitan Police having to be micro-chipped? A thinly-veiled excuse of "We have to know where our officers are at all times so this is a safety issue." Next will come the armed-forces. Then it will be our turn. Don't say that Thorolf didn't warn you. Remember - it's not what the chip gives out. It's about the signals which the chip can receive. More about this in a future blog.

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