Tuesday, April 8, 2008

When an event occurs that has a direct impact on your way of life and is completely alien to all you have believed in, the consequences are truly disturbing. It turns your whole being inside out and upside down and is extremely difficult to deal with. My once, coherent and flexible thought-processes have been seriously impeded by a succession of after-shocks and their rumblings are still ever present. Don't misunderstand me - I was never on the short list for 'Brain Of Britain'; neither have I considered myself intellectually superior to anybody else - but my mind used to be lightning-fast and I could find a solution before most people had had the time to digest the problem. All that has gone. It's as if my very soul has been forcibly removed and just stuffed back in again willy-nilly. Instead of clarity, there's now an invisible shield in it's place which blocks all the radar echoes. Oh it pings but I can't see where the returns are coming from.
The final straw was yesterday when I challenged the computer to a game of chess. Now I used to beat this thing regularly. It wasn't easy but somehow I used to manage it without the penalty of involuntary hair-loss.
Will somebody please pass me a wig? Any style will do.

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