Tuesday, April 15, 2008

When I joined the Army in October 1977, I swore and signed an oath of allegiance to the Crown. That oath is as valid now as it was then.
Which is why I will support the Crown over any Government - even if that Government is elected fairly by the majority of the country. The Crown is the status quo - the hull of the ship which keeps this country on an even keel. There are lots of ignorant people around who confuse this important point with the personalities who constitute the lineage of the Royal Family. It's a similar thing to the saluting of a superior officer. You're not saluting the man: you're saluting the uniform. Our present Queen Elizabeth is the figure-head of the oldest democracy in the world and I will support her until the day I die. However, I also believe that there have been nefarious moves behind the scenes to undermine her influence on current events. After this absurd EU treaty has been ratified, I'm afraid her power over the nation will become null and void. It will be the end of Great Britain - and especially England - as we presently know it. What price these traitors?
Simple. The end of a very thick rope.

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