Thursday, April 10, 2008


Regular readers will have noticed that the writing-style in my previous blog entries has appeared to be somewhat 'stilted'. This can happen when the free flow of mental energy becomes blocked, resulting in a dampened and flattish tone to the piece. A writer needs a clear channel in order to express wholesome opinions and ideas; without one, that same writer is simply wasting time and effort, boring his readers and undermining his own confidence in the process. Profound apologies!
Today is the time for change. A unique flash of exploratory, psychological, self-analysis has produced a re-invigorated Thorolf - revitalising a freshness not seen in years! To paraphrase - I've blown away the cob-webs and cleared out the attic. Not only has most of the negativity been confined to the re-cycle bin; it's actually been emptied too. To be sure, there certainly remain a few secret folders I would like to keep but for the moment they are of secondary concern.
Struggling to expound and promulgate the world's ills and mis-deeds is too much for one individual to undertake, especially when the information falls on deaf ears. Would that any of it bear fruit, in that the knowledge passed on be of some benefit, it may have been worth the sacrifice. Under the circumstances, sanity has prevailed and there will be no more casting pearls to swine!
In a paragraph - I don't care any more! I couldn't give a hoot whether Bush, Brown and Blair are war-criminals. I don't give a toss about schoolchildren being 'dumbed down'; whether Princess Diana was really murdered; that the World is run by a few corrupt Elite who envisage a micro-chipped population. Neither do I care about the illegal activities of the EU destroying the fabric of our once great country; nor the inexorable slide toward the islamification of Gt Britain.
No, Sir, let others rouse from their own slumber and do their own worrying. By the time Tyranny arrives - and rest assured, it is coming - Thorolf will be long gone.

In Second Year physics at Grammar school, we were taught about the Van Allen belts - the massive ring of intense radiation which surrounds the Earth between us and the moon. We were informed that any living thing having to pass through this would be fried to a crisp.
Question: Is it really possible, using 1969 technology, to circumvent this phenomenon and land on the moon without being incinerated? I have always wondered about this enigma, yet no-one ever mentions it.
Where is Patrick Moore when you need him?

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