Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who are they trying to kid?

I woke up yesterday morning amidst all the brouhaha concerning the BNP's membership list which had purportedly been revealed over the internet. Both the Main Stream Media and the BNP were saying that the list had now been removed and that the initial blogging site which had hosted the information, had been taken down. At first glance and with a few primary checks, this appeared to be the case.
However, Thorolf's suspicious mind had been aroused and so he decided to do some digging. Things are never quite what they seem whenever you scratch below certain surfaces and the reassuring statements by the leader of the BNP to assuage it's members that their identities were safe, rang an alarm bell.
My subsequent investigations proved fruitful. Within five minutes, Thorolf had possession of the information. If Thorolf can access this list, then so can anybody. It comes complete with full names and addresses, including telephone numbers and the members' places of work and in some instances, their professions. There is even an EXCEL SPREADSHEET available and a MAP showing the demography of BNP membership support.
Doesn't it just drive you crazy when people lie? All those concerned with the exposure of this information know only too well that it is still available and rely on the gullibility and naiveté of a fawning and thoroughly docile, British public who hang on to every mendacious word they are fed. Personally, I couldn't give a fig because I am not; never have been; and never will be; a BNP member. However, for those who are BNP members, I should be very concerned. In the first instance, I'd be angry at having been lied to by the Leadership. Secondly, and probably most important of all, I should be very worried about my welfare and for the safety of my family. Certain factions of the far-left are right now rubbing their hands with glee regarding this information and are probably plotting as I write this. However, for the BNP leader, Nick Griffin, to say that the list is out of date, is an abnegation of his responsibilities. It's a bit like saying that the Passenger List of a certain flight is no longer applicable because the plane's already taken off. It's pathetic Griffin.
I just feel sorry for the genuine people who've been duped and hoodwinked into voting for this fascist party. I also blame the current political establishment for creating conditions in which this evil regime is able to thrive. For those who are not quite convinced of Thorolf's words, pay a visit to and you will see what I have been writing about. There's hardly a mention of the debacle about the membership list and everything looks sweet and rosy. It's a con.
Now what was that I was saying about scratching below surfaces?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday of this week was spent designing a website for a friend who, for best reasons left to himself, seems to think it's as complicated as rocket science. It took me the best part of six hours and I used CSS rather than XHTML and linked it to an external sheet. At first, the contents of the page refused to flow correctly until I slipped Explorer into "quirks" mode which did the trick. It now looks beautifully stylish and sleek with everything in the right place and the only two things left to do is upload the files by ftp to the webhost and test the page in either Firefox or Opera - or both. I've no reason to doubt that the pages will work just as efficiently under either. They say that self-praise is no praise but I am pleased with the result. It was an undertaking I am glad to have completed.
We now learn that children's nurseries are to be fitted with finger-print scanners in order that the kids remain "safe" before being released into the care of mum or dad who come to collect them. I've never heard of such utter bullshit in all my born days.
"I can't send little Linda out, Mr Roberts, until you've given your finger-prints. I'm sorry but that's our policy."
Meanwhile, little Linda can see daddy at the door and starts to cry as dad remonstrates with the jobsworth. She knows who he is but it's "policy".
This is the road which the New World Order is forcing people to take. Officials like to pretend that there's a paedophile under every rock, just waiting to pounce on any vulnerable kid who happens to come along and then they offer us the solution to stop it happening. Not that I sympathise with anybody connected with paedophilia of course, or indeed condone it's practice, but it's like the proverbial taking of the sledgehammer to crack a nut. People will believe anything until they can learn to stop and think for themselves without listening to some pillock in a suit sat behind an autocue.

The New World Order will stop at nothing to bring about discord. It's called problem-reaction-solution.
Firstly, they create a problem. This results in cries of "Something must be done!". This is the reaction. They then offer us the "solution" which just happens to be the original objective which they wanted to bring about. If they offer us the "solution" without the problem, then their job is made impossible. Remember that these cretins can never bring about their agenda whilst there is harmony. They create the unrest in the first place. The terrible events of 911 are witness to that. It was such an obvious inside job and the aftermath results in numerous assaults on our civil liberties. It's strange how Bush and Blair lied about everything else but not that. If you research the subject for yourself and stop listening to official mouth-pieces who refuse to confront the glaring inadequacies in the story, you will see for yourself just how corrupt this nasty world is. There are more holes in the narrative than Gorganzola cheese. As an aside, I've never heard of any plane-crash which leaves no wreckage, whether the fuel tanks are full or not. Amazing, considering they managed to find a paper passport on the sidewalk which they say belonged to one of the hijackers! No engines, no bodies, no luggage - just a fire-proof passport. Fantastic! Maybe I should listen to the BBC a lot more and join the ranks of the gullible.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To Governments across the globe, the men or women who can think for themselves have always posed the bigger danger. For those who don't follow the official line regurgitated time and time again by a compliant and mendacious Main Stream Media, they are publicly designated as "nutters" or "oddballs" or libelled "cranks" with no recourse of reply.
Some while ago, I was deliberating on the idea of the passive-smoking theory, where the average Joe Bloggs has swallowed this declaration without question because he or she had heard it on the BBC. Hmm. It must be true then.
Whatever your likes or dislikes about smoking, whichever side of the fence you are on, even avid smokers agree that nicotine can cling to your clothes and furniture - even your hair - and it smells. This goes without saying.
However - passive smoking? Does it really exist? Or is this yet another form of control to scare people? I'm not saying I'm right but doesn't it strike you as just a little odd that pets don't contract these alleged lung diseases from "passive-smoking"? I've not heard of a cat or dog being ill from the effects of tobacco. What about Parrots? Or tortoises? They live to great ages - some even longer than humans.
Only a thought, you understand; it's merely that I have never heard anybody question the official line.


Here in the UK, we now learn from several sources that from next year, 2009, people wishing to purchase a mobile 'phone will have to produce identity in the form of a passport or driving-licence. Apparently, this latest big-brother development is being put in place to combat "crime" and "terrorist" activity. The truth is, this is a lot of piffle and is directed at the ignorant and the unwary. They've been tapping 'phones for years.
Thorolf has some bad news for crooks and full-time criminals anyway, because for those who don't know, the Government already have sophisticated listening stations in Great Britain, namely GCHQ in Cheltenham and Menwith Hill in Yorkshire, where the super-computers in these facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art, voice-recognition software. Any "terrorist" or criminal wishing to make a private call for any nefarious intent or subterfuge are in for a severe shock. The voice-recognition software immediately hones in and supplies data as to the caller's number and GPS position. The facility at Menwith Hill also monitors and stores every telephone conversation made in Great Britain, from pay-phone and mobile phone to private landlines. It is run exclusively by the Americans and I would advise against taking a closer look at this building. You will be arrested on the spot as certain individuals have found to their cost. There is also a special telecommunications centre in Shropshire devoted entirely to the decryption of mobile 'phone transmissions. As an aside, the A5 encryption algorithm used in the digital phone system is one of the most closely guarded secrets in Europe. It would take a thousand computers working in unison at least two years to break the cipher.
The supply of identity in order to buy a mobile 'phone simply makes the Government's job a lot easier when trying to keep tabs on millions of individuals. To clarify matters, I don't think it's a question of the 'phone, but that of the SIM card. Furthermore, I would go so far as to suggest that the 'phone system will be changed so as not to allow an alternative SIM to work in any individual 'phone until it is registered. That can be easily accomplished with the referencing of the IMEI number of the original handset when contact is made with the masts. No doubt this technology is already in place because otherwise criminals of any description could merely steal someone else's 'phone. If you don't think that the advisors to the Government haven't already thought about this possibility, then think again. No legislation is ever enacted without the proper safe-guards firmly in place.
An announcement was recently made that the authorities now have carte-blanche to keep a record of our emails under the guise of fighting "terror". This is yet more bullshit and it really makes me livid when the majority of usually sane people accept this lame excuse without so much as a moment's pause for thought. In 1998. MI5 built a special complex in London at a cost of £25,000,000 for the sole purpose of intercepting e-mail communication. This was a full three years before 911 in New York and long before the war on "terror" actually surfaced. There is an agenda here and it is staring everybody in the face. To the skeptics, perhaps we should bulldoze the wood so that you can actually see the bloody trees.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The audacity and the sheer effrontery of the New World Order is dazzling. With an obsequious, ever attendant main stream media as it's primary tool for illogical and completely warped propaganda, we learn recently that man-made, carbon, emissions are not only responsible for Global Warming but also - wait for it - Global Cooling!
The cabal who dreamed up this Global Warming tax scam had not allowed for the intervention of a FORCE MAJEURE - namely, the SUN. As I have stated categorically in previous blogs, it is the sun which dictates the temperatures on Earth, and, for that matter, the temperatures on every other planet within our solar system.
Now, because sun-spot activity is at an all-time low and the Earth is inexorably cooling down, we are to be bombarded with numerous explanations for a new phenomenon called "Global Cooling" - all the fault of each and every one of us for leaving behind our "carbon footprints". This is a complete VOLTE-FACE by the New World Order as they trundle out Government-sponsored cretins to support their twisted theories, meanwhile ignoring the main body of highly qualified scientists who refute these ridiculous ideas. Talk about moving the goal-posts! They've not only been moved but they're actually spinning in mid-air looking for the next safe spot.
From the Antipodes, The Sydney Morning Herald carries this latest report:
The coldest winter for sixty years has just been experienced in Australia and the freezing temperatures are proof of the urgent need to cut carbon pollution, according to WWF development and sustainability program manager Paul Toni.
"We can expect more extremes in climate," Mr Toni said.
Mr Toni said if action was not taken, more volatile weather would be on the radar.

So there you have it. No mention of the real cause; the sun. There's not even a suggestion of it. Wake up Mr Toni. The fraudsters in control just love gullible people like you.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Future standards

It was revealed last week that a Professor had advised a Government body that mistakes in English grammar and spelling should not affect the marks awarded in an exam. After the immediate outcry and initial hail of derision, Thorolf decided to compose a little paragraph to see just how far the Professor was prepared to go in order to support his twisted thesis. At some future date, the following could quite become standard practice if the NWO get their way.

S'ard 2c jus ow ridiclus weel b wiv dis SA on spellin but u nevr no de prof wil c i2i wiv de ole fing n giv us top marx.
a gorjus berd got stopt by da plees ystrdy n shee askt em 4a lyte cus day wer smoken sigs in de ka. She woz sirprisd coz she fort dat de plees h8tid fags. B4 she cud say jak robnsen day wiskd er in2 da ka n arestd er 4 shopliftn. itz u agen day sed we did ya 4 dis de udder week n den tuk er darn de sells.
de morel of de tayl is not to steel n let de plees cash ya. u myte go 2 prisen if u do it reglerlee.
L8ta on shee got releest n shee vowd not 2 go bak n dat she wud b a gud gerl.

(University English Language Entry Paper taken from around the year 2015. It will be awarded a Grade 1 pass mark with a distinction because of it's dynamic content. )
So far this year, the advocates of the great, Global Warming scam have been strangely reticent in promulgating their outrageous and fanciful theories of an earth warmed up as a result of man-made, carbon emissions.
For sure, there was a whimsical attempt at a documentary which tried to instill the idea that we alone are responsible for the Earth's woes but it failed miserably. For his disastrous efforts, a certain person was eulogized by the usual cortège of fawning sycophants and was exalted to even further heights after winning a questionable Oscar from well-placed acolytes in Hollywood.
Meanwhile, to the consternation of the Great Unwashed, the Earth stubbornly carried on cooling. And it continues to do so.
Since it's the Sun - and NOT carbon-dioxide - which is the primary cause of changes in the Earth's temperatures, you will have noticed that the summers in Great Britain, apart from elsewhere, are now not so hot as they have tended to be. This is because there is a dearth of sun-spot activity and according to the latest research by William Livingston and Matthew Penn of the National Solar Observatory in Tucson, they predict that sunspots will all but vanish after 2015.
The logical conclusion to the absence of any sun-spot activity would be a return to what has been called the MAUNDER MINIMUM. This is a period in our history when the River Thames in London used to freeze over and a time when Europe and America suffered from bitterly cold winters. It lasted roughly from 1640 to 1715 when sun-spots were extremely rare and it almost became a mini ice-age. We were able to skate on rivers and ponds and, like the words in the hymn, the earth was "hard as iron". Such scenes were later depicted on Victorian Christmas cards.
I doubt whether this information will be repeated on the BBC or Murdoch's Sky News. In fact, I'm certain it won't. It doesn't suit the agenda. However, a scam is only a scam as long as it can remain hidden. When the thermometer starts falling and as the ice begins to thicken, these so-called "journalists" are going to have to crawl under the nearest rock.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


When I reached fifteen years of age, two perplexing questions began to niggle me and try as I might, I couldn't find the answers to them. Nobody seemed to care when I asked; others merely shrugged their shoulders and the rest just passed my observations off as mere coincidences. However, even at that young age, I was no "coincidence theorist" and at the back of my mind I was inherently aware that something was not right.
I know the answers now. I burrowed right into that forbidden rabbit-hole, possibly far deeper than I should have done and came out top-side with my eyes well and truly opened. The down-side was that a dormant cynicism was pushed to the fore and it gushed out like the contents of a vigorously shaken can of coke. Cynicism may be an acceptable trait in it's natural home but can become a deplorable human tenet when it overtakes one's whole being. The excitement which is the human spirit is soon replaced with dark clouds of drudgery, where once nested an ignorance which shimmered beneath a colourful rainbow of sublime bliss. That rabbit-warren is a dangerous place for the unwary and a definite no-go area for angels who prefer to tread with more deliberate feet.
Henry Ford was once attributed with the infamous line, "History is bunk". Have you ever wondered why he uttered such a remark? And if so, what qualified him to say it? Do you think he was privvy to information that most others weren't?
Take his 1908 Model T Ford. How many people know, for instance, that this car could run on alcohol? A knob mounted on the driver's side acted as the fuel-mixture setting with the standard options of "gas" or "ethanol". Check it out. It's all there in Wikepedia. After a further bit of digging, Thorolf has discovered the possible reason why this alternative fuel ceased to be used.
Cue one J.D. Rockefeller. He gave a bunch of old ladies FOUR MILLION dollars under the guise of "Temperance" to lobby the American Congress for a ban on alcohol. This money was used to buy Senators off and in came the Act Of Prohibition.
Heavens, you may exclaim, what has Rockefeller got to do with the Model T Ford and Temperance and all things alcohol? What are you getting at Thorolf?
Call me cynical if you wish, but J.D. Rockefeller owned the biggest oil company in the United States at the time, Standard Oil.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Trying to explain to "newbies" how an ADSL Router works and what it does is rather like trying to teach a chimp to drive a motor-car. The chimp manages to get into the driver's seat and anything else that follows is either pure chance or a downright miracle. Unfortunately, some people just haven't got it, bless 'em.
Thorolf has just spent four frustrating days off-line due to the technical inadequacies of one such "noob". Unfortunately, to my chagrin, the "noob" has sole access to the host computer responsible for our internet enjoyment and what he knows about default gateways and WiFi, DHCP, together with the intricate workings of a Netgear DG834 could be written on the back of a postage stamp with three letters - NIL. Still, all has been resolved and we are back on line. It took a mere five minutes to fix the problem after I had been finally consulted but it is not my place to intervene without being asked. To certain individuals, this can be misconstrued as interference and it dents their pride.
Don't misunderstand me, Thorolf is no expert but what he does know, he has taught himself in a short space of time. The hardest thing in trying to get through to the noob's limited grasp of WiFi was the need for an encrypted wireless signal. Even this was all double-dutch and it took approximately half an hour for the penny to eventually drop. Explaining how the hexadecimal key was generated from the secret passphrase entered in the Router Wireless Settings was simply asking too much. I wanted to scream. ARRRRGGHHHH!

Have you noticed that the temperatures so far this summer have been below "average"? That's because sun-spot activity is at a minimum right now and high temperatures are caused by the SUN - NOT by man-made carbon emissions. When are some people going to get this through their thick bloody skulls? This carbon thing is a huge scam, run and introduced by the New World Order. It is designed to bring about the economic conditions which they want in order to further their secret agenda. The idea is to tax you beyond what is currently imaginable and to put you in your mental prison. It amazes me how people fall for this wicked nonsense but they will continue to be hoodwinked until they learn to think for themselves, by which time it will probably be too late. I have the extreme misfortune to know a Jehovas Witness who is a self-employed odd-job man. Odd is just about right for this character, who insists on using hand-shears instead of an electric trimmer for cutting hedges - to avoid leaving his "carbon-footprint". Talk about being conditioned! But then, we are talking Jehovas Witnesses. I wouldn't expect anything else.

Friday, July 4, 2008

I've found a cute solution for signal loss on my WiFi connection and I chanced upon it purely through a hunch. Regular readers of this blog will know how fed up I became with the Windows O/S and how I changed to Linux. I cannot fault Linux, I think it's brilliant but it comes shipped with the Firefox browser. Yesterday, I decided to try another type of browser called OPERA to see if it loaded my web pages any faster and I struck gold! It's magnificent and only a pity I hadn't tried it sooner. I've suffered months of frustration - Internet Explorer was no better than Firefox when I had Windows - so Thorolf is truly happy. Thankyou Opera. You're the best.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm finding it hard to motivate myself this week, primarily because my mind is adrift on several planes simultaneously. Rectifying the problem isn't easy and although you try to align the wave patterns so that they have some sort of hierarchical semblance, your thoughts reach an impasse and you find yourself in a swirling spiral with no apparent end. In fact, the last three or four days have flown by and I have achieved absolutely nothing. The way I feel at the moment, procrastination itself would be liable to take a back seat if such a statement were possible!
I have just watched Germany play Turkey tonight in the European Championships.
No - Germany weren't lucky. They were complacent. It's a bit like two snooker players when one of them knows he is a lot better than the other. The better player becomes complacent if the mood strikes him but deep down he knows that he can step up a gear if losing becomes a distinct possibility. And that's precisely what Germany did. Their power and strength shone through in the end, although in saying that, the first forty-five minute period was like watching an England team under Steve McClaren: thoroughly boring and a definite soporific for insomniacs.
People are already writing Russia off against Spain and that's a very dangerous thing to do. Russia are more than capable of ruining Spain's chances and I would just love to see certain people eat their words. We will find out tomorrow evening where, unfortunately, viewers in the UK will have to watch in between the insufferable commercial breaks. I really can't understand why ITV bother to have a discussion panel - the adverts are on for far longer than the participants and, should there be a time when your TV set is going to be hurled through the nearest window, then this will be it. Take a tip from Thorolf - turn the volume off and switch your radio on to BBC 5 Live. The commentary is head and shoulders above that of ITV and I would further suggest that if your temperament and utter contempt for adverts is anything like mine, the health of your TV set will prosper for a while to come....

Not a lot to say today folks. It's probably a bad Earth or a faulty bulb or something but I'll fix it. I'll do something about these ridiculous analogies too.
Wishing you all well. Ciao.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thorolf is in ebullient mood tonight after Germany's win over Portugal and the Germans now cruise through to the Semi-Finals of the UEFA European Football Championship.
If there's one thing which you will notice about the posts in Thorolf's blog, it is that you will not catch him parroting the bias and the tripe often spouted in the mass media. The UK Press seem to have some sort of fixation with a hatred of the Germans and try to instill this peculiar idea in it's readers' heads. You'd think by now that all these "readers" would have formed an opinion of their own, considering the amount of times that the UK Press gets it wrong, but no. Sheep are sheep after all and will blindly follow the one in front, never daring to stray. Most of them probably never even made it as last choice into the school football team and I suspect that the remainder probably never even kicked a ball. Yet it is these cretins who profess to know everything about the game and it's plainly ludicrous. Thorolf's own credentials, whilst not those of a professional playing capacity - do fare slightly better. I was Captain of two school teams and was selected to play for an Area side in the North-West. Readers from Redditch will remember my nick-name of "Chico" - after the Aston Villa player. Those were the days!

I think it was the James Bond author, Ian Fleming, who once wrote this piece of advice to budding writers: "If it sounds good - chuck it out!"
Thorolf has sagely followed this tip whilst working on The Lambretta Saga and it is hurriedly being re-written, edited and hacked at. There's probably more on the cutting-room floor than in the actual blog but no matter, it will be here shortly.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm twenty-four hours late with this post which was promised for the 16th June so sincere apologies. I was met with a particularly gruelling schedule at work over the weekend and managed only four hours sleep between shifts. To say I was tired out would be an under-statement. Yesterday, it caught up with me and I metamorphosed into Rip Van Winkle. My mattress has never felt so flat. There was one, brilliant outcome to the Weekend though - the neuralgia decided to take a hike and has disappeared into the wilderness. For now.
However, I digress.
There are a lot of people world-wide reading this blog and one of the reasons how I know this is due, in the main, to StatCounter.Com
It's a free hit-counter which analyses one's web-traffic and provides every kind of statistic possible. It gives me the locations of every IP, it's country, region and even the type of browser in use. It also gives me a breakdown of returning visitors, unique visitors and how long they have been logged on. I was going to compile my own hit-counter written in JavaScript but I hadn't accounted for the problem of Server Side Includes or SSI for short. Truth be told, it's about the only free thing I've had which has ever worked or actually lived up to it's promises. I have no connection to this company except in the capacity as customer and if you write your own blog or run a website, then check it out. Thanks to I know I am regaling readers from as far afield as the USA, the Philippines, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Trinidad, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Australia, and even China, to name but a few.

I see that my team Germany managed to qualify for the Quarter-Finals last night and we now play Portugal. Although last night's match against Austria was a pretty boring affair, I expect Germany will step up a gear against Portugal because if they don't, they'll be heading for home.
I am praying for an Italian win against the French later today but we will have to wait and see. The French are no push-overs and they haven't really got into their stride yet which is a shame. They have quality players who are just not living up to expectations and poor old Ribery is running his guts out to no avail.
Aside from Football, Thorolf has been busy scrawling notes for a future post about his antics aboard a Lambretta scooter in Cornwall which will be ready sometime later this week. Only a quick post today because I have a lot to do. I've got to sort out a shave for one thing because at the moment I feel like an unclipped hedge. Ciao.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

There isn't a day in my life when I do not indulge in a bit of nostalgia, good or bad, although I try not to think of the bad times too much. I can't help re-living old memories, it's part of my genetic make-up which only a lobotomy could ever take away from me. My imagination has always been extremely potent and I have a unique ability to whisk myself back in time to any year I choose. Music is an extremely powerful stimulant for me and an old record played on the radio instantaneously regresses the old grey cells. I can not only pinpoint the year but also the month and what I was actually doing at the time. I can beat almost ANYBODY in a "guess-the-year" pop quiz and every tune brings forth a particular memory. I have also found music to be an invaluable aid in retaining certain pieces of handy information - it's just a matter of creating the right connection.
Deep-rooted in Thorolf's happy memories are the times he enjoyed at Praa Sands and Porthtowan, roaring along the Cornish lanes on a BSA C15SS 250cc motorcycle and on an excessively loud Triumph T25 Trophy. They were halcyon days when the County of Cornwall was less densely populated than it is now - life was more free and easy altogether. It's November 1975, the tune stuck in my head is "Sky-high" by an Australian group called JIGSAW and I have just prided myself on having built this BSA from scratch. It has been put together from assorted spares - and the only thing new about the whole project is a re-bore on the barrel and a brand new over-size piston. After a quick readjustment of the port inlet valve, she fires into life first kick and never gives me any trouble.
The Triumph is faster and possesses such a sweet exhaust note that people come to a complete halt with what they are doing just to get a look at this lovely beast. She is an eye-catcher, complete with white tank and matching side-panels and looks just like a police bike. Holiday-makers pause to take photographs when I park her under the lounge window on Beach Road. Thorolf is the envy of bikers everywhere, young and old, and he plays to the gallery! One day, I open her full throttle at the lights in Fore Street, Redruth, and gun her up the main drag where an elderley lady drops her shopping due to the thunderous roar and pedestrians are staring in jaw-dropping amazement. Over time, the silencer has slowly rotted away inside the exhaust pipe and she must easily be pumping out in excess of 200 decibels. I nudge her up into top as quickly as I can where the snarl of the engine levels out onto a more acceptable plateau and, although still very loud, Thorolf is extremely conscious of being stopped by the police. It is patently obvious to anyone, including all and any half-wits, that this bike is illegal in anybody's language, never mind the fact that she has recently passed her MOT. I wait until I get onto the new by-pass near Scorrier before I open her up again and head for open countryside.
Much, much later, during an oil-pump failure on the way to work one sunny October morning in 1979, I just about manage to limp her back to the house at Porthtowan. She is promptly stripped right down and the parts carefully catalogued and stored away in boxes ready for the coming rebuild. She is now resting in silence in my step-dad's garage, her throaty grunt no more. Alas, money shortages start to compound the rebuild problem and force Thorolf into a reluctant sale. The buyer lives near Portreath and as he loads her into a red transit van, I feel so sad because this is the last I will ever see of this lovely machine. The tune in my head? It's "Cruel to be kind" by NICK LOWE.
Coming soon: Thorolf's bizarre antics in Helston on a Lambretta Scooter. Don't miss it!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Just a quick blast on the keyboard today so any regular readers with the preconceived notion that they are going to be regaled with this blog's usually gripping style are going to be sorely disappointed. Cohesive and structured narrative shall be minimal and any resemblance to Thorolf's natural verve will be merely accidental.
Isn't it strange that the price of oil is continuing to go through the roof! The excuse which they use is blatantly disingenuous. In fact, it's an out and out lie. As I pointed out in a previous post, oil is not running out. In just one find in the North Sea, there's enough oil there to last for decades. See the link below to discover just how we are all being conned.


Next time some grubby politician tries to insult your intelligence by saying it's the fault of the Arabs and that by rationing the supply to America and thereby affecting the World economy, bear in mind the following.
The largest suppliers of oil to America are The Arabs, right?
Here's the top five suppliers of crude oil by volume to America: Canada, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Nigeria and Venezuela.
Sorry guys, the whole thing is a giant scam manufactured by the New World Order to bring about an economic climate which furthers their agenda. You won't see the Main Stream Media investigating the personalities behind this fraudulent scheme because as complicit as they are in certain aspects of disinformation, they are not allowed to investigate it. The hidden hand forbids all such action.

On a different note, my team Germany beat Poland 2 - 0 last night. One should never underestimate the power and the strength of the Germans although they weren't really tested in Klagenfurt. Frings is a class act, Podborski excellent and the right-back Lahm would probably make a better forward than defender. The crunch will come against Croatia when we will find out just how proficient this German side really is. Last night was little more than the average stroll in the park but I fully expect Germany to top their group and make it to the Quarter-Finals. Personally, I think Italy are the main rivals to this German side. I may be wrong but I have a sneaking suspicion that Italy may just make the Final.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thorolf has been accused many, many times of being a philanderer and womaniser during the pursuit of his hedonistic ideal, so I only thought it proper to put the record straight.
Thorolf's experience of women is exceptionally limited and for those of you who share a natural propensity for healthy skepticism, I will list all my girlfriends' names in alphabetical order.
First, there was Zelda, and after her came Zoey. I thought I had performed magnificently in bed with these beautiful bitches before later discovering that both of them suffered from chronic asthma.
Yes, obviously what I have just written was a joke and I just thought I'd start today's post with some light-hearted fun.
The FIFA European Football Championship starts soon and should be genuinely interesting. Thorolf will be glued to almost every match and fancies the Germans to win it. England aren't there for the simple reason that they don't deserve to be. They're just not good enough. Unfortunately, there are no Bobby Charlton's or Gazzas around any more to demonstrate how the English game should be played. They belong to a forgotten era. The quintessential art of the dribble has almost disappeared and has been replaced with an innumerable, needless string of repetitive passes which make the English game extremely boring to watch. Until they can actually learn to play with the desired skills to make their performances effective, England will continue to take a back seat despite all the hype of the media. Dismiss that statement if you will but results and the test of time will tell the same story.
On a change of note, I had to laugh when I heard this latest, ridiculous ruling from those lunatics over at the HEALTH AND SAFETY EXECUTIVE. Alumni at a university are no longer allowed to toss their mortar-boards into the air in celebration. Apparently, when the hat is on it's way down, it might collide with and injure someone. These faceless morons ought to be locked away for their own health and safety because one day somebody is going to snap. What a pitiful country in which we now live. As I've mentioned before, these laws have nothing to do with "Health and Safety" but have everything to do with control and will get progressively worse.
I will continue to refuse point blank to be forced into a mental prison by these idiots - and the resolve is my sine qua non.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lets Pretend

George Orwell once said: "At fifty, everyone has the face he deserves."
Except, of course, if the mask you're wearing fits exceedingly well and there's no need to remove it, then you can keep your compatriots suitably fooled as to the "real" you. Life is full of pretences and is the subject of this particular post.
Today, Thorolf is going to pretend that the world he normally inhabits doesn't actually exist and re-enter the domain he left a fair few years ago. I'm quite looking forward to this experience because I've heard rumours that it's not really changed all that much so in essence I should be able to adapt quite quickly.
First thing to do I suppose, is to scan the TV schedule for June 4th 2008 to embrace the delights of the contemporary mind-set. I have no wish to be the odd one out because I can tell you that it's not very comforting. Besides, I need to know what I've been missing.
Wow! I see the BBC has a cracking evening line-up. Who would have thought it?
Lets see. At 8pm, there's a programme called "WHO HAS REMEMBERED WHAT NOT TO WEAR?". Sounds absolutely wonderful because there are two "super-models" advising us that we can look fantastic in clothes no matter what our shape. This is a must-watch!
At 9pm, a programme called "THE APPRENTICE" follows. It's all about five candidates being interviewed for a job and asking who will progress to the next stage. Should be nail-biting stuff. Better get the popcorn in.
Over on ITV, there's more riveting viewing about bodies again. At 9pm, a lot of people strip off to take their place to form the shape of an inspirational British man and woman. I think I'll have to record this one because it clashes with "THE APPRENTICE". Aren't they devils, these programme schedulers? I'm sure they do it on purpose. Damn their eyes! Still, it is my first day back so I haven't really got any right to complain. A lot to look forward to, even so.
The next most important item on my agenda is to catch up with the "news". In my world, we are taught that most of it is manufactured and/or distorted for the consumption of the masses so I must forget all about that today. Everything that is pre-supposed from my world has to be dismissed if I am to adapt.
It transpires that Barack Obama has promised unwavering support for Israel and that it's security remains paramount to each other's interests. Mr Obama sounds an awfully nice man. I mean he didn't have to do that - the thought has come deep from within his own heart. What a kind and humanitarian soul he is. This is such a compassionate world after all. Where I come from, they are saying that the USA is run by jews and it is they who decide what the United States' foreign policy is about. They own the Federal Reserve and most of the financial institutions and they pick the President too. Not that I really care because in either of my worlds, anti-semitism doesn't raise it's ugly head. I think what they really mean is Zionism and they confuse the two most culpably. In either world, you don't necessarily have to be a Semite to be a Zionist.
Oh dear, Gordon Brown is in trouble again. He won't drop the higher road-tax on cars imposed on all vehicles manufactured since 2001. Poor man! Whatever he does, he is never popular with the British public. Cameron shouted at him today and said that if he didn't get rid of this latest idea, then the voters would get rid of him. I thought he was going to cry. He'd better think of something fast or Heaven help him, he will lose his job!
In my old world, the real reason proffered for this tax was because of a ruling from the EU. It was part of the Global Warming tax scam. Cameron is powerless to implement any change too but in order to give an air of democracy to the whole charade, it's in his interests to feign argument. Since entering this more mundane world, I realise that this view on events is total baloney.
My word, it's so great to be back. I no longer have to worry about the Media telling lies or to worry over politicians hoodwinking the populace. Everything is orderly and ship-shape and I'm starting to fit in very nicely. Obviously, it's my own fault - caused through an incessant yearning for truth and delving into the archives of alternative thought and having swallowed a bitter pill. The change will take a lot of getting used to but I don't mind. I'm safe and snugly cocooned in a world of celebrities and fantastic TV.
Pass me the sick bucket.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The latest scare about rising fuel prices would be quite funny if it wasn't so tragic.
Like dependent battery-hens awaiting their next feed, the gullible and brain-washed British public feast on every word thrown at them by media outlets such as the BBC for their "information", instead of getting out into the open and pecking around for it themselves. It's a farce.
So oil is running out, is it?
Well. yes, according to the Main Stream Media.
Conversely, if you're like Thorolf and refuse to be mentally manipulated by these supercilious berks, you will come to understand that what they are telling you is utter codswallop. But oh! to live in ignorance!
OIL IS NOT RUNNING OUT. To be precise, oil reserves are increasing, not the other way round.
In 2006, Chevron announced a massive oil-find in the Gulf of Mexico which was described as "one of the nation's biggest oil discoveries in decades". In 2005, Brazil discovered new, giant offshore oil-fields which will be pumping out approximately 773 million barrels of oil by 2025. There have recently been discoveries in the Timor Sea, Yemen, Tunisia, Libya, Trinidad, Pakistan, Angola and Saskatchewan.
Earlier this year, the Kurdish area of Northern Iraq announced another oil find estimated to be around 2,000,000,000,000 barrels. BP have also announced a new major oil find close to the Shetland Islands. At the time of writing, there are currently around 680 billion barrels of reserve oil in the Middle East alone. It is a fact that in the last twenty years or so, oil reserves have actually doubled.
The whole process of this particular act of skullduggery is being orchestrated by the New World Order and is all about control and food supply. After they realised that people were producing cheaper fuel by using cooking-oil in place of diesel, what did they do? They upped the price of cooking-oil by a whopping 46% in one fell swoop, putting it on a par with the cost of diesel. Marvelous how these cretins work - if only they were not so damned predictable.
However, don't worry folks. After every motorist has been priced off the road and forced to use a bicycle, effectively reducing the specious "carbon foot-print" argument, it will not stop there. Ridiculous as it may sound, there are already plans afoot to affix registration plates to bicycles and to tax them. A bit far-fetched perhaps? Remember reality can be a lot stranger than fiction. They are already considering it for London and the excuse for it is to help cut down on bike theft. It is but a stepping stone method for extra tax. Next will come a licence, a compulsory proficiency test and mandatory insurance - all helped along by some jobsworth from the ridiculous Health And Safety Executive.
Watch this space.

In a previous blog, I was banging the drum about the rules governing the disposal of household waste in the UK. All this re-cycling nonsense is about control - effectively putting you in your mental prison. Mustn't do this - can't do that - must do the other.
It's all here under "European directive 75/442/EEC on waste disposal".
On top of all this draconian legislation comes a proposed bin-tax. Gordon Brown, the EU puppet, stated that it was not going to be introduced yet Labour would be running a few pilot schemes. It's an outright lie. What's the point in having trials if the thing is a non-starter? He is absolutely powerless to stop this daft idea as it is coming direct from Brussels; the glorious redoubt of unelected criminals who are pulling the legislative strings. Whilst Brown dillies and dances to a particular hideous tune, it's the general population who have to suffer the dirge.
Click the following link below to find out just what happens to your rubbish once it's been "re-cycled" in the designated receptacles.

Briefly, a reporter found out that Camden Council throws all your "recycled" waste together in one giant container where it is sold and shipped off to the Far East. And Camden is just one Council on the tip of a huge iceberg.
'Variable Rate Pricing based on Pay As You Throw as a Tool of Urban Waste Management'. Remember this title when the bills start rolling in and piling up. The fun really begins next year when these crooks ratify the illegal EU Treaty. You ain't seen nothing yet.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Am I alone or are there other people out there who despair at the demise of Great Britain? So much has changed over the past thirty or forty years that the life I enjoyed as a child is no longer recognizable any more. Sometimes, I think that this change has been caused deliberately. It certainly seems so when you look at what has taken place.
Discipline in schools has more or less been eradicated and results in kids being disruptive and unwilling to learn. Teachers are almost powerless to keep order and a new phrase has been invented to excuse the little darlings' bad behaviour - ADD. This is the mnemonic for ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER. Apparently, it's an illness and can only be cured by sending it's sufferers on free holidays and "adventure" trips. It's Political Correctness gone mad. In my day, a quick swish of the ruler or the threat of a good hiding off the Headmaster cured it in a flash and the problem never raised it's ugly head again. Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh but the wording is purely one of semantics but I think you get the gist.
At my grammar school in the early 1970's, there was a teacher there who put the fear of God into every pupil. I forget his actual surname but I remember that everyone referred to him by his nickname, Jack "Grinner", and he was Deputy Headmaster. A rather large man, tending toward the portly side with toussled hair and glasses - a rather imposing figure and woe betide the pupil who fell foul of Redditch County High's Jack Grinner! A summons to meet Grinner in his study was not something you would forget lightly - and it was not an episode you would wish to repeat unless you were wired up like some sort of masochistic psychopath. I only encountered Jack Grinner the once when I was punished with a detention one day on account of a miserable attempt at a History essay concerning the Babbington Plot. Jack Grinner took charge of the few after-school reprobates and bellowed at everyone and everything and me in particular and scared the living daylights out of us. I made up my mind there and then to knuckle down and, suffice to say, that was the one and only detention I ever received. Quod erat demonstrandum.
Unfortunately, there are no Jack Grinners any more. They've been put out to grass instead of out to stud, if such an analogy may be allowed.
Respect and discipline have gone out the window, thanks to Political Correctness. I would love to meet the advocators of this mumbo-jumbo and drag them off for a session with the nearest psychiatrist. In no time at all, I have no doubt that they'd be judged mentally insane and incarcerated in an asylum. This country is run by lunatics and caters for freaks and my last reserve of patience is finally running out.
I hate political correctness. These idiots are everywhere - in the schools, the universities, the Police Force, the Army, Government, the NHS, ad infinitum. You see instances of it every day and all around you. It runs in parallel with the Health and Safety Executive but is secretly bound together as one.
You can't train soldiers in boots any more. It hurts their little feet. And you can't shout at them either. That affects morale.
The police have to call criminals "Sir". There's no height restriction any more and you can join up even if you're three feet tall with buck teeth and glasses.
Council workmen now have to go on a training course to use a step-ladder and if you're an electrician working for any Government-sponsored body, you have to wear a mask if you want to snip the end off a bit of wire.
On a train, it's illegal for a single person to order more than two cups of coffee. In a hospital, you can't send the patient flowers. Apparently, the excuse is that the flowers take up the oxygen.
Huh? Come again? Flowers supply oxygen as any primary school kid will eagerly tell you. It's called photosynthesis. They may not know the equation but this is it.....

6H2O + 6CO2 ----------> C6H12O6+ 6O2

They must imagine that we are all stupid. These are just a few instances of where this country has gone stark, staring bonkers and I don't believe there will ever be a return to normality.
Only a short rant today I'm afraid. I almost forgot. I have to go off and write a letter. Not with my text-editor though - but with my portable, hand-held, black, ink inscriber.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm not really sure exactly what I'm going to write about today because I haven't got a particular subject in mind. I'll let an idea form as I go along and attempt to convert it into some sort of exhortation - not an easy thing for Thorolf to do in this mini heat-wave. At least when it's cold you can warm yourself up but when it's the other way round and you need to cool down, it becomes nigh on an impossibility for Thorolf to function comfortably.
Here's something which I find somewhat disquieting: the subject of missing people. Have you ever sat back and pondered over just how difficult it is for an adult in the UK to remain "missing"? There are literally thousands of people who are never seen again and who have simply disappeared from society's radar screens without so much as a blip. Where have they gone? And how do they manage it?
To survive, you need money. To acquire money, you need either a job or assistance from the Welfare State. To get a job, you need a National Insurance number and will attract the attentions of the tax office. Furthermore, as huge numbers of people are well aware, Social Security interrogations require all manner of details about you, almost down to your shoe size.
Last year, in the UK alone, 140,000 people went missing. Of these, about two thirds were kids between the ages of 13 and 17 and the rest were adults. The children's figures are startling enough but most of these were runaways and were generally found after a time. The remainder were adults. That's a lot of people.
With all the technology available to Governmental departments and all the databases which are now inter-linked, how do they escape notice? I mean, even booking a holiday abroad and the data is immediately passed to Scotland Yard or MI5 regarding your departure date and every other relevant detail. Nothing ever shows up for these people who remain on the missing register so they can't have left the country. Where do they go?
Live off the land? Doubtful. Unlike other countries, the UK doesn't have vast tracts of territory to hide in. Besides, there are plenty of eagle-eyed farmers or National Trust Rangers to spot that type of activity where it would be possible. However, those areas would be pretty crowded to hold thousands of people, don't you think, so where do they go?
And here's another anomaly. In a lot of cases, the vehicles which belong to these missing people are never found or traced either. Where do they go?
It's all a bit sinister and I have my own theories about the fate of these missing people. Perhaps in a later blog, I will expound on these ideas more loudly. For now, it's enough to wonder how so many people can remain invisible and at the same time survive the prying eyes of the UK state.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Apologies for the lack of writing during this last fortnight. I have been glued to the World Snooker Championships which have just finished. Only a damsel in distress can tear me away when the snooker is on but wild horses have absolutely no chance....
My computer is still on it's best behaviour since I switched to LINUX and does everything that Windows can't do - and lots more besides. I no longer have to endure the daily grind of the constant search for spy-ware and virus checking to see what detrimental effect they are both having on my Hard Disc and my Privacy. Linux doesn't suffer from the ailments which affect Microsoft, thank Heavens, and full marks to the Open Source Community who dedicate their efforts toward it's compilation.
My first introduction to Linux was met with a slight trepidation, not knowing what to expect, so I ran grub loader and dual-partitioned with the option to boot into Windows should anything go wrong. I need not have worried and the operation of disc-partitioning was so ridiculously easy that a five year-old could have done it.
A quick terminal prompt of sudo -s logged me in as root, with adduser blah blah followed by password and I was up and running. The synaptic package manager takes care of most downloads and is automatically run when needed and for anyone with a wireless connection, forget about loading discs such as Netgear. With Linux, you don't have to. It's all taken care of.
I'm really aquainted with this Ubuntu 7.10 distro and I can testify that this little O/S is dynamite! Perhaps some time soon I can write a little tutorial, couched in language which the average Joe or Jill Blogs can easily understand and help prepare them for the switch. It is so easy.
Yep. Bye-bye Mr Gates. It wasn't ever nice knowing you but I do understand you provide a lot of employment for the anti-virus geeks and a great deal of amusement for the script-kiddies and hackers.

My regards and best wishes for the future,


Thursday, April 24, 2008

They say that travel broadens the mind. In my case, especially during these latter years, it's actually helped to do the opposite. It's narrowed it.
I've been held up with a gun; strip-searched by an over-zealous, German copper; THREATENED with a strip-search by a female, Norwegian Immigration Officer; attacked by a bottle-wielding thug in down town Hamburg and even locked up for six hours by the French Gendarmerie for alleged gun-running. Thorolf's encountered the bloody lot.
Apart from the broadening - or the narrowing - of one's mind, incidents like the ones above certainly tend to deter one from travelling. Let it be known that Thorolf is NOT a criminal or ever has been any kind of gun-runner. I don't take drugs and I don't smuggle booze. Hell, Thorolf doesn't even drink! A pretty boring sort of guy I suppose.
And yet, my travels have brought me into contact with some of the nicest people in the world - and some of the nastiest ones too.
Take the thug who tried to wound me with a bottle in Hamburg. His attack was a fairly weak attempt compared to English standards and Thorolf soon had the situation under control. The last view I remember was of him clutching his nose and mouth after I had kneed him in the face.
One of the nicest folks I ever met lived just outside Gothenburg, Sweden. Strangely enough, he wasn't a swede but an Arab. He was an immigrant from Iraq who was struggling to make a living from his little shop. His poor wife and little girl were ill upstairs unable to get out of bed whilst his assistant had been fired for stealing off him. During a deep conversation, his eyes welled up with tears as he told me of his troubles and the awful events which had befallen him, yet he still found time to help me in my hour of need.
The whole point to these stories is this: There are good and bad apples in every barrel and that by picking out a particular one, it should not cloud one's judgement upon the rest. It is an easy trap to fall into and maybe Thorolf has been guilty of it more than most during the past and sweeping statements about certain races, especially after a nasty incident, can only feed the appetite of Nazi sympathisers and extremists.
Am I being naive or did we fight and win a war against that sort of thing?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've lost count of the number of times I've heard people say the most ridiculous of things.
One of my favourites concerned the stealth abilities of a British nuclear submarine. Quote: "It has never been detected by any hostile foreign force." Unquote.
Indeed. I suppose if it had been detected, it would have made front page headlines in PRAVDA but to my knowledge none were ever published so I suppose it must be true.
With an exponential growth in the World's population and an ever decreasing supply of resources, especially water, I presume that when they discover the cure for cancer, they will announce it to the world's waiting billions and we will all be able to live longer, producing even more off-spring. Isn't it fabulous to live in ignorance and wonderment? I wish that I could wallow in self-delusion too but my mind won't let me. It's a constant whirlpool of rationale and inquisitiveness which one day is going to get me into a lot of trouble, except I don't really care any more. Meanwhile, "they" can try to keep me mentally subdued by putting additives in the foodstuffs and fluoride in the water. Has anyone ever asked what benefit fluoride is to the majority of people who have GOOD teeth?
Whilst on the subject of fluoride, did you know that fluoride was developed by the Nazis for use in the Concentration Camps? It was given to the inmates as a pacifier. A form of Valium I suppose. Remember this when they offer to fluoridate the water supply. It's a poison. In 1998, a fluoride study published in Brain Research reported damage to rat kidneys and brains at very low doses. Rats were given 1 ppm fluoride in doubly distilled and de-ionized water for 52 weeks. In other words they were given the same levels as we get in fluoridated water, albeit without the other ions present in tap water. One group of rats was given aluminum-fluoride (AlF3) and another, sodium fluoride (NaF). In both cases amyloid deposits were found in the rat brains. Amyloid deposits are tangles in the brain and are associated with Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia.
Don't just take Thorolf's word on this. The link below will contain more information than I could ever provide. It's serious stuff. I'll go further. It's deadly.

There are those who will ask the question "Why would they want to do this?".
Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple. My suggestion is a google for "New world order". It's a very complex minefield and you have to seperate the wheat from the chaff. Failure to do so and you will be played like a fiddle. Mis-direction, dis-information and outright lies litter it's stony path. However, if you use your own judgement and ask your own questions, you will see which direction Thorolf is coming from.

It's almost May and our gorgeous PRUNUS CERASUS, the garden cherry-tree, will be in full bloom in a week's time and is a sight to behold with it's fluffed up pink and white blossom. The pinkish tints remind me of whisps of candy-floss on a stick; the white ones like buds of cotton wool billowing in a breeze. One cannot beat the colours and varieties of fauna in an English country garden - an inspiration to poets and romantics down the centuries.
This is all a bit of a paradox though for Thorolf. He hates gardening!

Friday, April 18, 2008

There is a saying amongst the Scandinavian people and it goes something like this: "Swedes are quiet, Danes are noisy but the Norwegians are just right." No doubt the phrase will be made to disappear when the politically-correct loonies have their way but a nation's characteristics cannot be expunged at the drop of a hat. In general, Swedes are quieter than their immediate neighbours and the Danes do happen to be somewhat noisier. The bit about Norwegians being "just right" is open to debate. Alas, I found the majority of the younger generation extremely stuck-up.
It's strange comparing the attitudes of today from those of yesteryear. No longer is an Englishman's word his bond. At first sight on foreign soil, an Englishman arouses scorn and a contempt in his host; he is an invasive figure to be avoided at all costs and treated like a nasty object which has become stuck to someone's shoe. The English as a nation are derided and exist solely to be poked fun at.
Perhaps by some bizarre twist of Fate I had run into the wrong people but during an unforgettable train journey through the north of Sweden, such mockery of all things English caused an anger in me which was extremely hard to control. It's 3rd November 1999, and the positively, unfriendly banter is making fun of Winston Churchill, mocking the British Army's efforts during the last World War and lauding the Germans. To cap it all, they're laughing at the loss of British Servicemen during the Norwegian campaign of 1940 and the Falklands of 1982.
Thorolf clenches his fists, constantly reminding himself of "When in Rome...." and weighs up the harsh reality of arrest should he decide to attack. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Make no mistake, Thorolf is at the height of his physical prowess and can lay these cretins all out flat without even breaking into a sweat but he controls himself. Just.
Discretion rules the day and valour has to take a back seat. The thought of languishing in a foreign jail and then being deported does not contribute to an instilled sense of decorum and an inherent self-discipline.
As I get older and come to realise that respect is no longer an attribute nurtured and admired in today's modern world, I cannot truthfully affirm whether I would react in the same way now, given an identical set of circumstances.
Sweden - be thankful for a proper English upbringing. Your most northerly hospital could have been very busy that day.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Global Warming scam

Perhaps I'm losing my marbles but not long ago, exhaust emissions from diesel and petrol engines were always associated with the highly, toxic, carbon-monoxide. Today, as if by magic, we are informed that these self, same emissions are composed of carbon-dioxide. How come? Have I missed something here? Thorolf doesn't profess to be an expert on all things meteorological but when a little common-sense is applied to the matter of Global Warming, the lies are exposed for what they are. Just a little research over the internet will reveal most of the information one needs and the missing parts of the jigsaw puzzle can be snugly pieced together using your own discernment and logic. Still, perhaps you are satisfied with being told what to think by some robotic "news-reader", in which case this particular blog will not be for you.
I haven't got the time or the space to give you all the links to the issues I refer to, but be assured I aim to be accurate enough as is humanly possible. Everything I mention in the following discourse is available for verification. Just 'google' for it if you doubt my word. Ready? Here we go.....

Fact: polar-bear population c.1950 = 5.000.
Fact: polar-bear population c.2007 = 25,000.
And I thought they were heading for extinction! How silly of me.
The newsreels continue to film great sheets of melting ice. The Arctic ice does melt during the summer months but restores itself quickly again during the winter. It's a natural cycle but the event is twisted to meet the alarmists agenda. They film it in the summer and show you it during the winter.
The Earth has been steadily cooling since 1998. China, the USA and other places have just had the coldest winter on record - and the heaviest snowfalls. Temperatures are dictated by the sun. If you look at the graphs showing sun-spot activity, you will notice that they correlate with present weather patterns.
When the Romans arrived, Britain was hot enough to grow the vines they needed for wine making. Hence the name 'Vine Street' in London. The warmth continued until well after the Viking invasions and then cooled again during the Middle Ages. Apart from the effects of sun-spot activity, the Earth too has a natural cycle which it must go through.
A famous norwegian explorer, Fritjof Nansen, who regularly skied from Bergen to Oslo, complained in 1884 that his annual journey was becoming increasingly impossible due to the lack of snow in former places where it used to be plentiful.
Professor David Bellamy called this carbon-dioxide-induced Global Warming theory "absolute poppycock". You'll no longer see him on the BBC. He pressed the career-destruct button by voicing the truth and joined a host of other unfortunates and lost his job.
Just over a fortnight ago, nineteen thousand of the world's top scientists signed an appeal to the United Nations to reconsider the whole subject of Global Warming. It fell on deaf ears and has been suitably ignored - and not so much as a peep from the mainstream media.
When summer 2008 finally arrives and we experience a hot day, count how many times "Global Warming" is mentioned. When it rains, the semantics are swapped for "Climate Change".
The whole subject is a gigantic scam, created solely for control of a brain-washed population whilst providing huge revenues by way of fines and 'justified' taxes.
The advent of this penal nightmare started with the re-cycling business. Have you noticed how draconian the waste issues have become? It has all been carefully designed to extort money from us. Rubbish-bin collections were suddenly fortnightly, creating havoc. It now transpires that if the lid to the bin will not shut, the collectors have orders not to empty it. In that case, don't you think we should ask for our money back? After all, we are paying for a service.
For the benefit of those who are unaware of developments, your tin-cans are about to be micro-chipped. In future, casual or careless disposal of the "wrong" rubbish into the incorrect bin will sound an alarm on the refuse collector's lorry. The bin will not be emptied and you will be liable for a fine of a thousand pounds.
And this is just the beginning. After this hideous EU treaty is finally ratified in January 2009, and conveniently denied a referendum on it by the people, the fun and games will really gather momentum. And vigorously pursued in the name of their best friend - 'Global Warming'. If I'm wrong about all of this, then the men in white coats can reach me at the registered IP Address.

I have provided a couple of links below. How you interpret the information is your own decision. I've already made mine.



When I joined the Army in October 1977, I swore and signed an oath of allegiance to the Crown. That oath is as valid now as it was then.
Which is why I will support the Crown over any Government - even if that Government is elected fairly by the majority of the country. The Crown is the status quo - the hull of the ship which keeps this country on an even keel. There are lots of ignorant people around who confuse this important point with the personalities who constitute the lineage of the Royal Family. It's a similar thing to the saluting of a superior officer. You're not saluting the man: you're saluting the uniform. Our present Queen Elizabeth is the figure-head of the oldest democracy in the world and I will support her until the day I die. However, I also believe that there have been nefarious moves behind the scenes to undermine her influence on current events. After this absurd EU treaty has been ratified, I'm afraid her power over the nation will become null and void. It will be the end of Great Britain - and especially England - as we presently know it. What price these traitors?
Simple. The end of a very thick rope.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Settling down to watch ITV 4 the other night, I was just getting into all the adverts when a blasted program started! However, my disappointment didn't last too long because six minutes later they were back on again.
Seriously though, these constant commercial-breaks are so infuriating. I know the Independent companies have to advertise to stay alive but these incessant interruptions are based purely on greed. I read a report somewhere that said ITV were losing revenue from their advertisers. Well there's a surprise! People are getting sick and tired of this endless barrage and are turning off in droves. I counted the number of adverts during an episode of Coronation Street one night and was shocked to discover that the actual content of the half-hour program lasted a mere nineteen minutes! How about that for performance? Incredible. Still, maybe I shouldn't complain too much as I rarely watch TV anyway. The nonsense spewed out by these namby-pamby, limp-wristed program makers of today is a fitting tribute to the world in which we live. Cheap, nondescript and less-than-mediocre.

Did you read about the Metropolitan Police having to be micro-chipped? A thinly-veiled excuse of "We have to know where our officers are at all times so this is a safety issue." Next will come the armed-forces. Then it will be our turn. Don't say that Thorolf didn't warn you. Remember - it's not what the chip gives out. It's about the signals which the chip can receive. More about this in a future blog.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The follies of youth.

Sometimes, when I think back, I cannot understand how unbelievably stupid I used to be. Take the time when I was fourteen and ran away from home in Cornwall. The object of this particular exercise was to make my way to the docks at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Once there, I was to dodge Customs and Passport Control by shimmying up one of the ropes to the norwegian liner which was berthed there and stow away inside one of the lifeboats. My norwegian friends had arranged for me to hide in their summer-house and look after me as soon as I had landed in Norway. At that tender age, the naivety of youth was apt to take prime position in the overall scheme of things and I remember thinking that this adventure would be a purely perfunctory one at best. The word 'danger' never crossed my mind, although I do confess to having had the butterflies, especially when nightfall came.
My mother must have been out of her mind with worry. I went missing for three days, surviving on two cornish pasties and the odd cup of coffee, only to be subsequently gripped at Collumpton in Devon by one of Her Majesty's dutiful policemen. (Collumpton was to play another major part in my life two years later - almost to the exact date)
I absconded from home another three times after that before I resigned myself to the inevitable. The wake-up call came abruptly during a Juvenile Court Hearing in October 1973, where my verbal dexterity just managed to save me from a long period in a care-home. It was a lesson I never forgot.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Regular readers will have noticed that the writing-style in my previous blog entries has appeared to be somewhat 'stilted'. This can happen when the free flow of mental energy becomes blocked, resulting in a dampened and flattish tone to the piece. A writer needs a clear channel in order to express wholesome opinions and ideas; without one, that same writer is simply wasting time and effort, boring his readers and undermining his own confidence in the process. Profound apologies!
Today is the time for change. A unique flash of exploratory, psychological, self-analysis has produced a re-invigorated Thorolf - revitalising a freshness not seen in years! To paraphrase - I've blown away the cob-webs and cleared out the attic. Not only has most of the negativity been confined to the re-cycle bin; it's actually been emptied too. To be sure, there certainly remain a few secret folders I would like to keep but for the moment they are of secondary concern.
Struggling to expound and promulgate the world's ills and mis-deeds is too much for one individual to undertake, especially when the information falls on deaf ears. Would that any of it bear fruit, in that the knowledge passed on be of some benefit, it may have been worth the sacrifice. Under the circumstances, sanity has prevailed and there will be no more casting pearls to swine!
In a paragraph - I don't care any more! I couldn't give a hoot whether Bush, Brown and Blair are war-criminals. I don't give a toss about schoolchildren being 'dumbed down'; whether Princess Diana was really murdered; that the World is run by a few corrupt Elite who envisage a micro-chipped population. Neither do I care about the illegal activities of the EU destroying the fabric of our once great country; nor the inexorable slide toward the islamification of Gt Britain.
No, Sir, let others rouse from their own slumber and do their own worrying. By the time Tyranny arrives - and rest assured, it is coming - Thorolf will be long gone.

In Second Year physics at Grammar school, we were taught about the Van Allen belts - the massive ring of intense radiation which surrounds the Earth between us and the moon. We were informed that any living thing having to pass through this would be fried to a crisp.
Question: Is it really possible, using 1969 technology, to circumvent this phenomenon and land on the moon without being incinerated? I have always wondered about this enigma, yet no-one ever mentions it.
Where is Patrick Moore when you need him?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

When an event occurs that has a direct impact on your way of life and is completely alien to all you have believed in, the consequences are truly disturbing. It turns your whole being inside out and upside down and is extremely difficult to deal with. My once, coherent and flexible thought-processes have been seriously impeded by a succession of after-shocks and their rumblings are still ever present. Don't misunderstand me - I was never on the short list for 'Brain Of Britain'; neither have I considered myself intellectually superior to anybody else - but my mind used to be lightning-fast and I could find a solution before most people had had the time to digest the problem. All that has gone. It's as if my very soul has been forcibly removed and just stuffed back in again willy-nilly. Instead of clarity, there's now an invisible shield in it's place which blocks all the radar echoes. Oh it pings but I can't see where the returns are coming from.
The final straw was yesterday when I challenged the computer to a game of chess. Now I used to beat this thing regularly. It wasn't easy but somehow I used to manage it without the penalty of involuntary hair-loss.
Will somebody please pass me a wig? Any style will do.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Not really achieved anything this week apart from mess myself up! Or rather, WINDOWS has messed me up and I could have strangled that Bill Gates last night! I was trying to re-instal the software for my wireless internet connection when it froze halfway through. After several attempts, it transpired that Gates was not exactly flavour of the month and several scenarios of revenge ran around my head like loose confetti in a breeze. No matter what I tried, the machine was not taking the installation as it should. I de-fragged, ran CHKDSK, tried to instal the software yet again but it was having none of it. I nearly went bald in frustration.
Then it hit me like a thunderbolt! Why struggle with a clapped out engine when you can have a brand new one fitted for free?
And that's what I've done folks. I've got a different operating system on my computer and it's called LINUX! I loaded it today.
Windows? More like WIN-DOZE compared to Linux. It won't take me long to navigate my way around this O/S and the graphics are out of this world. It's wonderful! The Gods have smiled upon me after all!
Bill Gates? Well he can go and shove his spyware-riddled, Windows, system up his own jacksy for all I care. From now on, it's LINUX for me.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thought for the day

An Australian decides to dig straight down with his shovel to reach Gt Britain. Assuming he could cope with removing the dirt and go on digging for approximately 8,000 miles straight through the Earth's molten core, then by the time he reached the surface of somewhere in Great Britain, would he still be digging 'down' - or 'up'?

A look into the future

Hands up, all those in favour of ID cards. I mean - after all - they're only going to be forced on us to help counteract identity theft and keep us 'safe', right?
Wrong. The question of identity is not the primary, moving factor behind them. It's all about control and the move towards a cashless society. How many people realise that these cards are going to be fitted with an RFID chip? That's Radio Frequency Identification Data for those who don't already know. Just like the little chip in your mobile-phone, it will be able to track your whereabouts and movements at any given part of the day. Scary, huh? Oh but don't worry folks, if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear. Hmm. I wonder where I've heard that one before? The brainless morons who spout this tired old phrase need to take a good look in the mirror and honestly ask themselves whether they really do have a mind of their own. All this stuff that Thorolf is talking about can't possibly be true otherwise we would have read it in The Sun or The Mirror. The newspapers would never lie or withhold the truth.
Hmmph! That's why Editors get knighthoods and 'journalists' no longer have the power to 'investigate'. We seem to be under the illusion that we live in some sort of wonderful democracy where our voices are heard and then acted upon. It's absolute piffle. However, I digress. Lets get back to the cards.
When your allotted time is called for you to receive this card, you will be ordered to the nearest interrogation centre where fingerprints, your DNA and biometric details will be taken. For more information on this, just in case you think I'm making it up, visit . Once at the interrogation centre, you will be grilled for approximately thirty minutes, wait whilst your card is being processed and then asked to hand over x amount of pounds for your 'gift'. At the last estimate, it was roughly £60, but this fluctuates according to whose figures you read.
I said at the beginning of this blog that it wasn't the subject of identity which was the primary mover behind this outrageous idea. That supposition is correct - it's all to do with hard cash. Or the lack of it. What better way of subjugating people than to control their finances? Think about it. A world without cash. I can think immediately of a few reasons why I depend on cash. And before you point an accusing finger - no, I have nothing to hide! It will take a while but gradually you will begin to notice that cash-dispensers will start to "run out" of money, especially at Christmas time when most of us rely on it, resulting in transactions made with your "ID" card. I read somewhere that the CEO of Tesco plc said he ideally wished for no cash to be exchanged on Tesco premises and the supermarket is at the forefront in pushing for ID cards. That's one of the reasons why I will not shop there. It's arrogance beyond belief. Ultimately, it will become impossible to buy anything unless you have your card. That's probably why they say they will NOT be compulsory. Yes, we will certainly have a choice: get one or starve!

Monday, March 31, 2008

For readers of this personal blog, I would like to apologise for the delay in entries since last Thursday. 27th March. I have been side-tracked by a gruelling schedule at work over the weekend and I am only just recovering. Umpteen eppies and very nearly a work-induced thrombie have managed to exact their toll upon what once passsed for the semblance of an orderly brain. It takes a day or two to revive that freshness and to rid oneself of mental inertia brought on by the cerebral intransigence of assorted half-wits who I have the misfortune to have to deal with. A colleague of mine put it more succinctly - psychic vampires! Mr Thicko Taxi Driver, who I warned about in the previous blog, will suck the-life force out of any controller whose guard is down. They really are that stupid.
However, a re-vitalised Thorolf will be back tomorrow. Watch this space!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A step-son's tales

It's late October 1972. The sun has just started to set and a fourteen year-old boy sits on his mobile-home doorstep with his friend from down the road. They are both learning japanese and testing each other on what they've learned. The page is folded over on to the beginning of Chapter IV when one of them points with an outstretched fore-finger toward the lounge, uttering loudly: "Asoko ni hon ga arimasu ka?".
Before his friend has time to think about the question, a short, fat, man with a ripped T-shirt and toussled hair appears before them. "Cut that out!"
"Cut what out?" comes the exasperated reply.
The short, fat man begins to lose his temper. "You're talking about me! And you you can take that book back to the library! This is my house and you'll do what you're told!". Mum was there but said nothing.
Yes. It was me; young, blond, Thorolf on the receiving end of this childish invective. No amount of pleading could have convinced the fat man that he'd been sorely mistaken but I did try. I mean - how much japanese can one learn after three chapters? We'd only just got past the imitated pronunciation.
Just what was this foul, slanderous, remark which the fat man had so abruptly objected to? If he'd studied japanese - or just politely asked - then he'd have discovered that the offending words were simply: "Is there a book over there?"
From this point onward, here endeth lesson in paranoia. And japanese.

I've always considered myself to be humane, courteous to others and polite at all times. There are exceptions and they most definitely arise when I have cause to throw an 'eppy'. That's a cornish expression for those who haven't heard it and means 'to lose one's temper'. Having to work with half-witted taxi-drivers like I do; the ones who can't tell 'left' from 'right' and can't even read a map, send me into a frenzy. I tend to throw at least six or seven eppies over a busy weekend and I can assure the reader that it's not much fun having your blood-pressure suddenly shoot skyward. Promptness is vital in my occupation and if a customer has a meal booked at a restaurant, or a flight scheduled at a certain time, then in my book they should bloody well be there! Ultimately, the responsibility of time-keeping boils down to me and any good base-operator worth their salt will have this down to a fine art. It can be very stressful and it's the base-operator who has to take the flak if anything goes awry.
Ok, so lets now cue Mr. Thicko Taxi Driver.
Mr. Thicko Taxi Driver is the know-it-all. He's seen it, done it and even spilt coffee over the T-shirt. He reckons he's a wow with the birds and pulls a different one every week. In essence, a real man - notwithstanding the massive, unsightly, gut he's accumulated through years of constant neglect and the twice-nightly scoffing of mad-cow-diseased-ridden burgers. He's the king of the road. The fastest, the meanest and the toughest. It is only the bald head which stops him from preening himself in the cab's mirror. This is all self-agrandisement and delusional grandeur at it's height. Nothing can surpass it in tone.
Au contraire, Mr. Thicko Taxi Driver always seems to forget that he has to be guided almost around every bend and is absolutely clueless when it comes to door numbers. After years of driving - he still hasn't got it through his thick, neanderthal, skull that odd numbers begin on the left and even numbers are on the right - in sequence. This is explained to him, exasperatingly I might add, on numerous occasions but the pea-sized brain refuses to acknowledge any information. The next time a TV interviewer asks a taxi driver their opinion on current events, bear the above in mind. It never fails to crack me up.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Intuition or sixth sense?

I had my first paranormal experience at the age of five. My last was three weeks ago. I became accustomed to this phenomenon by the age of eighteen although I have to confess that these events were - and are - never enjoyable. I've never understood why these things happen to me and to say that they stem from a psychological problem is complete poppycock. Perhaps these deniers who affirm it's all in the mind would care to interview the poor cat who had the misfortune to witness the same event in the bathroom as I did.
Right from an early age, I have been gifted with a strong intuition. I just seem to know things without the need to be told. The signals are quite strong and more often than not, they start with butterflies in the stomach. Are these feelings pre-cognitive or are they purely the result of a rapid fluidity of thought? The snag in definition arises when fore-knowledge of an unreported event is happening hundreds of miles away.
Dreams have always been an excellent source of guidance for me.
"For God does speak - now one way, now another - though man may not percieve it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men as they slumber in their beds." - Job 14:15
Writing from my own perspective, I find that the important thing to remember lies in not what the dream is about but the articles or objects contained within it. Woe betide the poor bloke who dreams of cats! Be it through jealousy or sheer spite, he can expect the acid tongue of some foul-mouthed bitch slandering him behind the scenes. For those ignoramuses who like to scoff, let me point to a famous quote by Hamlet: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Hamlet Act 1, scene 5.
Besides, I have nothing against skeptics. I smile; knowing it's their loss and not mine. Get yourself a Dream Dictionary and check it out.

I was talking to an elderley, Cockney, chap digging his garden one sunny day in Cornwall. The subject of flying saucers cropped up. He leaned on his spade, shook his head and blurted, "I seen a saucer!". I gave him the innocent open-mouthed look in order to elicit some more.
"Who's that guy on 'The Sky At Night'?" he asked, wiping his brow.
"You mean Patrick Moore?" I ventured.
"Yeah, 'im!", he replied. "D'ya know what I'd do if he told me that I was imaginin' things?"
"Go on - what?"
"I'd smack the guy right in the mouth!" - by this time he was becoming more agitated - "and if he shouted 'What did you smack me for?', d'ya know what I'd say?"
I was still feigning my innocence. "No - what?"
"I'd say 'I didn't hitcha'. You must be imaginin' fings!'"

An issue with words.

Am I the only one to notice the latest "buzz" word doing the rounds? I'm heartily sick of hearing it. No-one has a "problem" any more: it's an "issue". It's as if the word "problem" doesn't exist. It's been quietly expunged from the dictionary. Every problem is now an "issue". A corruption of the english language if ever I've heard one. Look up the definition for yourself and you will understand my frustration. As usual, this particular annoyance has made it's way from America and now everybody repeats it parrot-fashion. Why? Is this the new politically-correct speech that has to be in vogue? Listen to your autocue-readers on the "news". Who writes this stuff?

A strange thing happened last week on my mobile 'phone. I have two SIM cards. Both O2 registered and different telephone numbers. I have free-texting credit only on the first SIM and calling credit on the second. I sent a text to a female friend I know from SIM number 1 and hurriedly swapped SIM cards to call a mate on SIM number 2. Whilst SIM number 2 was still in my phone, I received a reply from my female friend addressed to SIM number 1. The said female doesn't know the telephone number contained in SIM 2, so how come I received a text on SIM 2 which was destined for SIM 1? I've not heard of this happening before. Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

I was thinking the other day about the atrocities committed on 9/11. That fire must surely have been white-hot to melt solid steel. If kerosene burns at 1800º and steel melts at 2500º, how did the towers collapse? In addition, the firemen stated that they got to within one floor of the inferno. Hmm. I wonder why they didn't melt too? Perhaps we've all been conned and the steel was really re-inforced plastic.

It always amazes me how unaware the majority of people seem to be. They're probably too busy immersed in Coronation Street and the other rubbish that passes for quality TV these days to notice.
Consider your local Council for instance. How many people know that it is now legal for some official to listen in to your mobile and home telephone communications from somewhere deep inside the Town-Hall? This is all possible under the guise of 'anti-crime' legislation. 'Ah, yes', I can hear people say, 'but if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear!'. Well, I'll tell you what: let's put a cam in your bedroom or toilet and take things from there, shall we? After all, you have nothing to hide, have you? The hide and fear brigade are talking absolute twaddle. I can only hope that the moon-faced moron who decides to check my text messages be a Jehova's Witness or similar. It sure will give them a new slant on life.

Have school kids lost their childhood now? After all, they already said goodbye to their innocence long ago. The criminals who foisted sex-education on five year-olds now have the audacity to heap homework on them too. Childhood is a magical time and is meant to be enjoyed. We never had homework until we left primary. We didn't need it. The reason is that we were taught properly. These airy-fairy, modern, methods of teaching deserve the derision which they receive. I remember at the age of ten solving algebraic and simultaneous equations. Ask a normal fourteen year-old today and he'll probably give you a blank stare. 'You wha? Wha' are dem?'. The faceless crooks responsible know the curriculum is all wrong, so why do they promote it? We've all heard the phrase "dumbing down" but no-one asks why. And who sanctions it in the first place?