Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm twenty-four hours late with this post which was promised for the 16th June so sincere apologies. I was met with a particularly gruelling schedule at work over the weekend and managed only four hours sleep between shifts. To say I was tired out would be an under-statement. Yesterday, it caught up with me and I metamorphosed into Rip Van Winkle. My mattress has never felt so flat. There was one, brilliant outcome to the Weekend though - the neuralgia decided to take a hike and has disappeared into the wilderness. For now.
However, I digress.
There are a lot of people world-wide reading this blog and one of the reasons how I know this is due, in the main, to StatCounter.Com
It's a free hit-counter which analyses one's web-traffic and provides every kind of statistic possible. It gives me the locations of every IP, it's country, region and even the type of browser in use. It also gives me a breakdown of returning visitors, unique visitors and how long they have been logged on. I was going to compile my own hit-counter written in JavaScript but I hadn't accounted for the problem of Server Side Includes or SSI for short. Truth be told, it's about the only free thing I've had which has ever worked or actually lived up to it's promises. I have no connection to this company except in the capacity as customer and if you write your own blog or run a website, then check it out. Thanks to StatCounter.com I know I am regaling readers from as far afield as the USA, the Philippines, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Trinidad, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Australia, and even China, to name but a few.

I see that my team Germany managed to qualify for the Quarter-Finals last night and we now play Portugal. Although last night's match against Austria was a pretty boring affair, I expect Germany will step up a gear against Portugal because if they don't, they'll be heading for home.
I am praying for an Italian win against the French later today but we will have to wait and see. The French are no push-overs and they haven't really got into their stride yet which is a shame. They have quality players who are just not living up to expectations and poor old Ribery is running his guts out to no avail.
Aside from Football, Thorolf has been busy scrawling notes for a future post about his antics aboard a Lambretta scooter in Cornwall which will be ready sometime later this week. Only a quick post today because I have a lot to do. I've got to sort out a shave for one thing because at the moment I feel like an unclipped hedge. Ciao.

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