Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm finding it hard to motivate myself this week, primarily because my mind is adrift on several planes simultaneously. Rectifying the problem isn't easy and although you try to align the wave patterns so that they have some sort of hierarchical semblance, your thoughts reach an impasse and you find yourself in a swirling spiral with no apparent end. In fact, the last three or four days have flown by and I have achieved absolutely nothing. The way I feel at the moment, procrastination itself would be liable to take a back seat if such a statement were possible!
I have just watched Germany play Turkey tonight in the European Championships.
No - Germany weren't lucky. They were complacent. It's a bit like two snooker players when one of them knows he is a lot better than the other. The better player becomes complacent if the mood strikes him but deep down he knows that he can step up a gear if losing becomes a distinct possibility. And that's precisely what Germany did. Their power and strength shone through in the end, although in saying that, the first forty-five minute period was like watching an England team under Steve McClaren: thoroughly boring and a definite soporific for insomniacs.
People are already writing Russia off against Spain and that's a very dangerous thing to do. Russia are more than capable of ruining Spain's chances and I would just love to see certain people eat their words. We will find out tomorrow evening where, unfortunately, viewers in the UK will have to watch in between the insufferable commercial breaks. I really can't understand why ITV bother to have a discussion panel - the adverts are on for far longer than the participants and, should there be a time when your TV set is going to be hurled through the nearest window, then this will be it. Take a tip from Thorolf - turn the volume off and switch your radio on to BBC 5 Live. The commentary is head and shoulders above that of ITV and I would further suggest that if your temperament and utter contempt for adverts is anything like mine, the health of your TV set will prosper for a while to come....

Not a lot to say today folks. It's probably a bad Earth or a faulty bulb or something but I'll fix it. I'll do something about these ridiculous analogies too.
Wishing you all well. Ciao.

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