Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thorolf is in ebullient mood tonight after Germany's win over Portugal and the Germans now cruise through to the Semi-Finals of the UEFA European Football Championship.
If there's one thing which you will notice about the posts in Thorolf's blog, it is that you will not catch him parroting the bias and the tripe often spouted in the mass media. The UK Press seem to have some sort of fixation with a hatred of the Germans and try to instill this peculiar idea in it's readers' heads. You'd think by now that all these "readers" would have formed an opinion of their own, considering the amount of times that the UK Press gets it wrong, but no. Sheep are sheep after all and will blindly follow the one in front, never daring to stray. Most of them probably never even made it as last choice into the school football team and I suspect that the remainder probably never even kicked a ball. Yet it is these cretins who profess to know everything about the game and it's plainly ludicrous. Thorolf's own credentials, whilst not those of a professional playing capacity - do fare slightly better. I was Captain of two school teams and was selected to play for an Area side in the North-West. Readers from Redditch will remember my nick-name of "Chico" - after the Aston Villa player. Those were the days!

I think it was the James Bond author, Ian Fleming, who once wrote this piece of advice to budding writers: "If it sounds good - chuck it out!"
Thorolf has sagely followed this tip whilst working on The Lambretta Saga and it is hurriedly being re-written, edited and hacked at. There's probably more on the cutting-room floor than in the actual blog but no matter, it will be here shortly.

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