Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thorolf has been accused many, many times of being a philanderer and womaniser during the pursuit of his hedonistic ideal, so I only thought it proper to put the record straight.
Thorolf's experience of women is exceptionally limited and for those of you who share a natural propensity for healthy skepticism, I will list all my girlfriends' names in alphabetical order.
First, there was Zelda, and after her came Zoey. I thought I had performed magnificently in bed with these beautiful bitches before later discovering that both of them suffered from chronic asthma.
Yes, obviously what I have just written was a joke and I just thought I'd start today's post with some light-hearted fun.
The FIFA European Football Championship starts soon and should be genuinely interesting. Thorolf will be glued to almost every match and fancies the Germans to win it. England aren't there for the simple reason that they don't deserve to be. They're just not good enough. Unfortunately, there are no Bobby Charlton's or Gazzas around any more to demonstrate how the English game should be played. They belong to a forgotten era. The quintessential art of the dribble has almost disappeared and has been replaced with an innumerable, needless string of repetitive passes which make the English game extremely boring to watch. Until they can actually learn to play with the desired skills to make their performances effective, England will continue to take a back seat despite all the hype of the media. Dismiss that statement if you will but results and the test of time will tell the same story.
On a change of note, I had to laugh when I heard this latest, ridiculous ruling from those lunatics over at the HEALTH AND SAFETY EXECUTIVE. Alumni at a university are no longer allowed to toss their mortar-boards into the air in celebration. Apparently, when the hat is on it's way down, it might collide with and injure someone. These faceless morons ought to be locked away for their own health and safety because one day somebody is going to snap. What a pitiful country in which we now live. As I've mentioned before, these laws have nothing to do with "Health and Safety" but have everything to do with control and will get progressively worse.
I will continue to refuse point blank to be forced into a mental prison by these idiots - and the resolve is my sine qua non.

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