Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To Governments across the globe, the men or women who can think for themselves have always posed the bigger danger. For those who don't follow the official line regurgitated time and time again by a compliant and mendacious Main Stream Media, they are publicly designated as "nutters" or "oddballs" or libelled "cranks" with no recourse of reply.
Some while ago, I was deliberating on the idea of the passive-smoking theory, where the average Joe Bloggs has swallowed this declaration without question because he or she had heard it on the BBC. Hmm. It must be true then.
Whatever your likes or dislikes about smoking, whichever side of the fence you are on, even avid smokers agree that nicotine can cling to your clothes and furniture - even your hair - and it smells. This goes without saying.
However - passive smoking? Does it really exist? Or is this yet another form of control to scare people? I'm not saying I'm right but doesn't it strike you as just a little odd that pets don't contract these alleged lung diseases from "passive-smoking"? I've not heard of a cat or dog being ill from the effects of tobacco. What about Parrots? Or tortoises? They live to great ages - some even longer than humans.
Only a thought, you understand; it's merely that I have never heard anybody question the official line.

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