Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We now learn that children's nurseries are to be fitted with finger-print scanners in order that the kids remain "safe" before being released into the care of mum or dad who come to collect them. I've never heard of such utter bullshit in all my born days.
"I can't send little Linda out, Mr Roberts, until you've given your finger-prints. I'm sorry but that's our policy."
Meanwhile, little Linda can see daddy at the door and starts to cry as dad remonstrates with the jobsworth. She knows who he is but it's "policy".
This is the road which the New World Order is forcing people to take. Officials like to pretend that there's a paedophile under every rock, just waiting to pounce on any vulnerable kid who happens to come along and then they offer us the solution to stop it happening. Not that I sympathise with anybody connected with paedophilia of course, or indeed condone it's practice, but it's like the proverbial taking of the sledgehammer to crack a nut. People will believe anything until they can learn to stop and think for themselves without listening to some pillock in a suit sat behind an autocue.

The New World Order will stop at nothing to bring about discord. It's called problem-reaction-solution.
Firstly, they create a problem. This results in cries of "Something must be done!". This is the reaction. They then offer us the "solution" which just happens to be the original objective which they wanted to bring about. If they offer us the "solution" without the problem, then their job is made impossible. Remember that these cretins can never bring about their agenda whilst there is harmony. They create the unrest in the first place. The terrible events of 911 are witness to that. It was such an obvious inside job and the aftermath results in numerous assaults on our civil liberties. It's strange how Bush and Blair lied about everything else but not that. If you research the subject for yourself and stop listening to official mouth-pieces who refuse to confront the glaring inadequacies in the story, you will see for yourself just how corrupt this nasty world is. There are more holes in the narrative than Gorganzola cheese. As an aside, I've never heard of any plane-crash which leaves no wreckage, whether the fuel tanks are full or not. Amazing, considering they managed to find a paper passport on the sidewalk which they say belonged to one of the hijackers! No engines, no bodies, no luggage - just a fire-proof passport. Fantastic! Maybe I should listen to the BBC a lot more and join the ranks of the gullible.

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