Friday, May 9, 2008


Apologies for the lack of writing during this last fortnight. I have been glued to the World Snooker Championships which have just finished. Only a damsel in distress can tear me away when the snooker is on but wild horses have absolutely no chance....
My computer is still on it's best behaviour since I switched to LINUX and does everything that Windows can't do - and lots more besides. I no longer have to endure the daily grind of the constant search for spy-ware and virus checking to see what detrimental effect they are both having on my Hard Disc and my Privacy. Linux doesn't suffer from the ailments which affect Microsoft, thank Heavens, and full marks to the Open Source Community who dedicate their efforts toward it's compilation.
My first introduction to Linux was met with a slight trepidation, not knowing what to expect, so I ran grub loader and dual-partitioned with the option to boot into Windows should anything go wrong. I need not have worried and the operation of disc-partitioning was so ridiculously easy that a five year-old could have done it.
A quick terminal prompt of sudo -s logged me in as root, with adduser blah blah followed by password and I was up and running. The synaptic package manager takes care of most downloads and is automatically run when needed and for anyone with a wireless connection, forget about loading discs such as Netgear. With Linux, you don't have to. It's all taken care of.
I'm really aquainted with this Ubuntu 7.10 distro and I can testify that this little O/S is dynamite! Perhaps some time soon I can write a little tutorial, couched in language which the average Joe or Jill Blogs can easily understand and help prepare them for the switch. It is so easy.
Yep. Bye-bye Mr Gates. It wasn't ever nice knowing you but I do understand you provide a lot of employment for the anti-virus geeks and a great deal of amusement for the script-kiddies and hackers.

My regards and best wishes for the future,


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