Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Global Warming scam

Perhaps I'm losing my marbles but not long ago, exhaust emissions from diesel and petrol engines were always associated with the highly, toxic, carbon-monoxide. Today, as if by magic, we are informed that these self, same emissions are composed of carbon-dioxide. How come? Have I missed something here? Thorolf doesn't profess to be an expert on all things meteorological but when a little common-sense is applied to the matter of Global Warming, the lies are exposed for what they are. Just a little research over the internet will reveal most of the information one needs and the missing parts of the jigsaw puzzle can be snugly pieced together using your own discernment and logic. Still, perhaps you are satisfied with being told what to think by some robotic "news-reader", in which case this particular blog will not be for you.
I haven't got the time or the space to give you all the links to the issues I refer to, but be assured I aim to be accurate enough as is humanly possible. Everything I mention in the following discourse is available for verification. Just 'google' for it if you doubt my word. Ready? Here we go.....

Fact: polar-bear population c.1950 = 5.000.
Fact: polar-bear population c.2007 = 25,000.
And I thought they were heading for extinction! How silly of me.
The newsreels continue to film great sheets of melting ice. The Arctic ice does melt during the summer months but restores itself quickly again during the winter. It's a natural cycle but the event is twisted to meet the alarmists agenda. They film it in the summer and show you it during the winter.
The Earth has been steadily cooling since 1998. China, the USA and other places have just had the coldest winter on record - and the heaviest snowfalls. Temperatures are dictated by the sun. If you look at the graphs showing sun-spot activity, you will notice that they correlate with present weather patterns.
When the Romans arrived, Britain was hot enough to grow the vines they needed for wine making. Hence the name 'Vine Street' in London. The warmth continued until well after the Viking invasions and then cooled again during the Middle Ages. Apart from the effects of sun-spot activity, the Earth too has a natural cycle which it must go through.
A famous norwegian explorer, Fritjof Nansen, who regularly skied from Bergen to Oslo, complained in 1884 that his annual journey was becoming increasingly impossible due to the lack of snow in former places where it used to be plentiful.
Professor David Bellamy called this carbon-dioxide-induced Global Warming theory "absolute poppycock". You'll no longer see him on the BBC. He pressed the career-destruct button by voicing the truth and joined a host of other unfortunates and lost his job.
Just over a fortnight ago, nineteen thousand of the world's top scientists signed an appeal to the United Nations to reconsider the whole subject of Global Warming. It fell on deaf ears and has been suitably ignored - and not so much as a peep from the mainstream media.
When summer 2008 finally arrives and we experience a hot day, count how many times "Global Warming" is mentioned. When it rains, the semantics are swapped for "Climate Change".
The whole subject is a gigantic scam, created solely for control of a brain-washed population whilst providing huge revenues by way of fines and 'justified' taxes.
The advent of this penal nightmare started with the re-cycling business. Have you noticed how draconian the waste issues have become? It has all been carefully designed to extort money from us. Rubbish-bin collections were suddenly fortnightly, creating havoc. It now transpires that if the lid to the bin will not shut, the collectors have orders not to empty it. In that case, don't you think we should ask for our money back? After all, we are paying for a service.
For the benefit of those who are unaware of developments, your tin-cans are about to be micro-chipped. In future, casual or careless disposal of the "wrong" rubbish into the incorrect bin will sound an alarm on the refuse collector's lorry. The bin will not be emptied and you will be liable for a fine of a thousand pounds.
And this is just the beginning. After this hideous EU treaty is finally ratified in January 2009, and conveniently denied a referendum on it by the people, the fun and games will really gather momentum. And vigorously pursued in the name of their best friend - 'Global Warming'. If I'm wrong about all of this, then the men in white coats can reach me at the registered IP Address.

I have provided a couple of links below. How you interpret the information is your own decision. I've already made mine.

POLAR ICE: www.infowars.net/articles/march2008/270308Ice.htm

THREATS AGAINST SCIENTISTS : www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml;jsessionid=H5IU0MZKY5H3

POLAR BEAR POPULATIONS: www.rense.com/hd2A.htm

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