Thursday, July 17, 2008


Trying to explain to "newbies" how an ADSL Router works and what it does is rather like trying to teach a chimp to drive a motor-car. The chimp manages to get into the driver's seat and anything else that follows is either pure chance or a downright miracle. Unfortunately, some people just haven't got it, bless 'em.
Thorolf has just spent four frustrating days off-line due to the technical inadequacies of one such "noob". Unfortunately, to my chagrin, the "noob" has sole access to the host computer responsible for our internet enjoyment and what he knows about default gateways and WiFi, DHCP, together with the intricate workings of a Netgear DG834 could be written on the back of a postage stamp with three letters - NIL. Still, all has been resolved and we are back on line. It took a mere five minutes to fix the problem after I had been finally consulted but it is not my place to intervene without being asked. To certain individuals, this can be misconstrued as interference and it dents their pride.
Don't misunderstand me, Thorolf is no expert but what he does know, he has taught himself in a short space of time. The hardest thing in trying to get through to the noob's limited grasp of WiFi was the need for an encrypted wireless signal. Even this was all double-dutch and it took approximately half an hour for the penny to eventually drop. Explaining how the hexadecimal key was generated from the secret passphrase entered in the Router Wireless Settings was simply asking too much. I wanted to scream. ARRRRGGHHHH!

Have you noticed that the temperatures so far this summer have been below "average"? That's because sun-spot activity is at a minimum right now and high temperatures are caused by the SUN - NOT by man-made carbon emissions. When are some people going to get this through their thick bloody skulls? This carbon thing is a huge scam, run and introduced by the New World Order. It is designed to bring about the economic conditions which they want in order to further their secret agenda. The idea is to tax you beyond what is currently imaginable and to put you in your mental prison. It amazes me how people fall for this wicked nonsense but they will continue to be hoodwinked until they learn to think for themselves, by which time it will probably be too late. I have the extreme misfortune to know a Jehovas Witness who is a self-employed odd-job man. Odd is just about right for this character, who insists on using hand-shears instead of an electric trimmer for cutting hedges - to avoid leaving his "carbon-footprint". Talk about being conditioned! But then, we are talking Jehovas Witnesses. I wouldn't expect anything else.

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